Applied Staff LLC, Announces Top Reasons to use a Staffing Agency

November 04 08:21 2020
Applied Staff LLC, Announces Top Reasons to use a Staffing Agency
In a recent public service announcement, Applied Staff LLC revealed top reasons why employers use staffing agencies.

City of Industry, CA – Applied Staff LLC, a staffing agency in City ofIndustry, disclosed three of the reasons why companies in City of Industry would choose to use a staffing agency.  

The number one top reason why a company would turn to a staffing agency is simply cost.  The expense to maintain a human resources department is extremely high.  It makes sense for smart companies to use a staffing agency rather than to have multiple HR professionals on their payroll. 

The staffing company in City of Industry handles all the routine parts of recruitment – placing ads on social media, conducting background checks, verifying references, weeding out unsuitable candidates.  These are all duties that take time.

Which leads us to the number two reason for choosing a staffing agency: time.  As they say, time is money.  A staffing agency already has spent the time to identify the best candidates for various kinds of work.  Staffing agencies already have human resources professionals on their staff who are experts at finding the best fit for each particular company. 

The HR professionals at a staffing agency spend everyday single interviewing candidates.  With this kind of experience, they know what questions to ask and how to interpret the answers they receive.  They spend their time getting to know the career goals of the prospective candidates.  They spend their time instead of yours.  This translates into huge savings for the employer.

The final reason employers choose staffing agencies is simply convenience. When a company needs a particular kind of employee, all they have to do is pick up the phone and ask.  The staffing agency will analyze your company, review the candidates, and find a seamless fit. 

About Applied Staff LLC

Applied Staff LLC is a staffing company in City of Industry, CA.  They pride themselves on having fully qualified prospects in their candidate pool to make sure that employers can find who they need.  Their HR professionals work with companies all over the San Gabriel Valley. 

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