Professional Smart Door Lock Aiming For The Future

November 23 17:36 2020
In the era of the Internet of Things technology, smart locks not only have the functions of fingerprint recognition and password unlocking, but also exist as a network channel or a key connection point in the home. It is a rigid demand for contemporary smart life scenes and is suitable for a variety of places and types of groups.

Traditional anti-theft lock:

The security performance of the anti-theft lock cylinder is below Grade B, and the anti-technical opening is low;

Only open the door lock according to the key, if people lose it or forget to bring it, it will only increase your troubles;

The key is very easy to be copied, after applying it to others, guys must consider changing the lock core;

The lock cylinder is simple in structure, very easy to be broken, and has poor resistance to violence.

smart Lock:

The smart lock has a built-in personalized computer operating system, which is smart in actual operation and quick in response. The actual operation is time-saving, labor-saving and practical. It cooperates with a high-definition display screen, a live-action voice assistant, a built-in video doorbell, and a variety of door lock methods, suitable for all groups of applications.

Choose the fingerprint recognition head of the world-leading OFILM optical semiconductor material, optimize the algorithm for high precision, fully automatic learning and training, improve the degree of identification, and reasonably avoid fake fingerprint recognition. It is also equipped with a C-level anti-theft lock core with the largest anti-theft level, and a bottom-opening design, which can reasonably resist professional and violent opening by thieves.

Application areas:

(1) Lost the key, no key

Nowadays, everyone’s security regulations are getting higher and higher. Once you realize that your home’s door lock cannot be opened, people must change to a new one. However, if the key is forgotten or the door is closed, people will not be able to enter the home for a long time. At the door, if it is heavy, it will cause a safety accident.

(2) More public property

Because of work, many people go out for a long time, and the key is not put on the body. Every time they go home, they have to get the key or inconvenience their relatives. With a smart lock, fingerprint recognition, mobile phone, and login password can be easily opened.

(3) There are elderly people at home

The elderly have poor memory, their children are not around, the keys are always lost, and they have smart locks. Even if they forget the password, they can easily open and close the door with their fingers. Children can also remotely assist in opening and closing the door with their mobile phones.

(4) Renters

Some people need to run once to see the house once, and sometimes they get the wrong key, they have to run again, change to a smart lock, and remotely control the login password to solve the problem of viewing the building without worrying about getting the wrong key.

Nowadays, smart door locks have entered every household, and more and more people agree with it, and more and more people are following the pace of the times. Smart locks indeed show safety and convenience for customers. Smart door lock is not only a lock, it locks the happiness of every household.

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