The Correct Way Of Operating Placement Machines

November 25 16:24 2020

As a high-tech product, the safe and correct operation of the placement machine is very important for both machines and humans.

The basic principle of safe operation of the placement machine is that the operator should make the most accurate judgment and should follow the following basic safety rules:

1. Machine operators should be trained to operate in the correct way.

2. Turn off the power supply when checking the machine, replacing parts or repairing and internal adjustment (the maintenance of the machine must be carried out under the condition of pressing the emergency button or cutting off the power supply.

3. Make sure that YPU (programming parts) are in hands when “reading coordinates” and adjusting the machine to stop at any time.

4. Make sure that the “interlock” safety equipment is kept effective to stop the machine at any time. The safety detection on the machine should not be skipped or short-connected, otherwise personal or machine safety accidents are very likely to occur.

5. Only one operator is allowed to operate one machine during production.

6. Ensure that all body parts, such as hands and head, are outside the range of movement of the machine during operation.

7. The machine must be properly grounded ( truly grounded, not connected to zero lines).

8. Do not use the machine in gas or dirty environment.


Safety shall be the first consideration in the operation of the equipment. The operator of the machine shall operate the machine strictly in accordance with the operation specifications, otherwise, damage to the machine or personal safety may be caused.

The operator of the machine should be careful and careful.

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