The Roofing Materials: China Stone Coated Roofing Tiles

November 25 16:26 2020

China Stone Coated Roofing Tiles have undergone a variety of changes from ceramic tile and metal sheets to wood board and cement brick. Not only are they used to drain water and protect low-rise buildings from thermal radiation and wear and tear, but the roofing materials also help create special acoustic effects.

Today, architects have a wide choice of roofing materials, including a variety of sizes and materials. Each material and size has its own unique properties and characteristics.

Tiles are suitable for different types of pitched roofs with good drainage and water resistance. Usually, they consist of an upper part that collects and directs rainwater from the upper part and a lower part that covers the connection of the pipe. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and are made of different materials, which is why they are often found in low-density residential areas.

Terra-cotta: The general form is curved, flat, or both, each corresponding to a different connecting member. Terra-cotta is made by calcining a mixture of clay at high temperatures. Although the carrying capacity of terra-cotta tile is poor, but fire resistance, durability, low maintenance cost.

Glazing brick: glazing brick is to be overlaid with glaze on pottery tile and become. The light radiation is reflected or absorbed by different colors and coatings on the glaze layer. The glaze layer makes the material more waterproof and wear-resistant. For the above reasons, this material will be more expensive.

Cement tile: Compared with tile, this material has better mechanical properties, better weight, lower water absorption. With good anti-fog, anti-wind performance, suitable for use in low-temperature climate areas.

Glass block: Recyclable, long life, usually on a black nylon base. The base absorbs and transfers heat to the roof tiles to form air circulation, reducing heat and energy costs.

China Pvc Roof Gutter: They are light and resistant to corrosion. The surface is dense and smooth, non-absorbent, easy to clean. Suitable for different designs and different scales. Although their single tiles are larger than traditional tiles, this will speed up the laying efficiency.

PET roofing tiles: made from recycled PET plastic bottles, lightweight, economical, and biodegradable. Suitable for the design of different sizes and types.

Metal tile: lightweight, easy to install. Usually, they have poor insulation performance, resulting in higher indoor temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to consider oxidation and corrosion problems according to the type and surface of the metal

China Goethe Asphalt Shingles: These generally include asphalt laminates and performance-enhancing components such as ceramic particles. They can be found in different thicknesses and types of designs. Shorter service life than other materials, but more economical. 

Solar tiles: Although expensive to install and produce, solar energy can be used to generate electricity. The effectiveness of the system depends on its Angle to the sun.

Shingles: Shingles need to be installed accurately, durable, and maintain their original acoustic properties. However, due to weather conditions, they are vulnerable to corrosion and wear by biological agents.

SLATE: Flat stone, of different sizes and shapes. As it is generally used for steeply pitched roofs to ensure drainage, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of anchoring.

Forsetra Roof Tile Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, focusing on the manufacture of stone coated metal roof tiles, asphalt shingles, and PVC/ALUMINUM rain gutter. Forsetra Steel trusses with high zinc content are also produced for use in light steel frame houses. Committed to providing customers with one-stop housing construction related building materials services.

Because Sara believes that building a solid and beautiful house for our clients is as important as building a reputation for good quality products for us. Therefore, from all over the country to purchase the best of every raw material, and willing to pay higher prices and attention to ensure that the products meet customer requirements for quality. Our goal is to provide architects, construction companies, overall vendors, and owners with high-quality roof tiles that are both beautiful and weather resistant.

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