It’s Now Time to Look and Feel the Best Again Especially with the Holidays Fast Approaching

November 26 16:12 2020

So many restrictions were in place during the pandemic that individuals did not have the opportunity to take care of fundamental physical procedures that made them look better and feel great about themselves. Solea Beauty Lounge in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, is now open, safe, and ready to make everyone and anyone feel “human” again. Whether a simple massage, tanning facilities, or other procedures to reduce fat and cellulite, Solea Beauty Lounge is there for the Sunny Isles Beach area and surrounding areas. Since Florida is also a hot spot for vacationers from the north both in the USA and Canada, Solea Beauty Lounge can make the “snowbirds” feel even more at home and enjoy their winter residences that much more. Surprisingly enough, more Canadian businesses and individuals spend the winter season in Florida to get away from the biting cold of North America.

While billed as a medical spa, all Solea’s features are non-invasive

There is no downtime, and procedures are performed by licensed aestheticians. Everything from fat removal and body contouring to facial hair removal is offered. The variety of procedures range from tanning to cellulite removal using the most advanced technology possible, as well as lymphatic drainage treatments which can be difficult to find. Solea is defined as a medical spa as these lymphatic drainage treatments are commonly used post-surgery to reduce the amount of water that is amassed within the lymphatic system. This can be highly annoying and unsightly to those that experience this syndrome post-surgery.

Solea also is defined as a lounge as simple procedures such as massage and tanning are meant only to heal the mind, relax the body, and bolster the spirit. Lymphatic drainage is used to remove water and toxins from the body that may be causing lymphedema. Lymphedema can appear anywhere and is common in the face and body not only post-surgery but also post-pregnancy. While massage of the affected body parts can assist in removal of the excess water and toxins, technology existence speeds up the process. Solea uses this technology within the guidelines that all medical spas are required to do.

No matter what body modification procedure or simple tanning and massage, Solea offers it

Some procedures might require more than one session, while simple procedures such as tanning and massage can be done anytime a client needs uplift in spirit. Solea focuses on the look and feel of a lounge, even when medical spa procedures are taking place. Clients feel refreshed and relaxed no matter why they have visited Solea and this is the objective that makes Solea different from many other spas and lounges out there. A friendly, relaxed atmosphere is always a bonus to clients, and clients can have the body they want, as well as the physical appearance they are seeking quite easily when using Solea. 

All services are also remarkably affordable, and the staff is always helpful and enthusiastic.  When in Florida visiting, or even living there permanently in the Sunny Isles Beach area, a trip to Solea at least for a consultation is well recommended!

About Solea Beauty Lounge

Solea has been in business successfully in the Sunny Isles region of Florida for many years now. The offerings range from simple tanning and hair removal to body contouring, and even lymphatic drainage using the newest technology. Hours are extensive, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 8PM, and Saturdays 10 AM to 6 PM.  Sundays they are closed. There are specials on services, a blog, a contact form, a phone number, an email, and a fax number. There is a map for easy access, and a video on services. Solea has an online presence through Facebook and other social media. 

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