HIIFF Completely Upgrades its Film Market, Committed to Support the Entire Industrial Chain

December 12 10:03 2020

The Third Hainan Island International Film Festival (HIIFF) is taking place in Sanya, Hainan, from December 5 to December 12, 2020. After two successful years, HIIFF has already evolved into Hainan Island’s vital window of opening up and international cultural exchange. In 2020, we will present HIIFF to the general public with a brand-new stance, emphasizing our devotion towards further opening up.

The 2020 HIIFF Organizing Committee has committed our efforts to extend the coverage of our industry-oriented sections. The infusion of multi-faceted sections creates all-new concepts for film markets. We have established six major industry sections: H!Future New Talent Awards, H!Action Project Market, H!Market Industry Screenings, H!Market Film Premiere, H!Market Online Films Week, and H!Market International Conference on Film Location Promotion. The film market is designed as a communication platform across various dimensions of the film industry, by linking the entire industrial chain and advancing the coordinated development of cultural industries in close connection to the film industry.

H!Future New Talent Awards focuses on the global filmmaking newcomers with a pioneering spirit and perseverance for exploration, expanding the future path to discovery for new creators. H!Action Project Market aggregates industry resources, supports filmmakers, facilitates Sino-foreign co-productions, and provides matching services, including incubation, financing, and promotion, for projects at various development stages. H!Market Industry Screenings is conceived to establish an internationalized platform for film project cooperation and copyright transaction, creating an effective and efficient film transaction field. H!Market Film Premiere allows the communication and publicity of upcoming films that are soon entering cinemas and meeting their audiences on the silver screen, thus establishing a connecting bridge that links film producers, promoters, distributors, cinemas, and audiences. H!Market Online Films Week is upgraded to aggregate domestic online film production companies and internet video streaming platforms, discussing the emerging trends in the consolidation and integration of content for the online ecosystems. H!Market International Conference on Film Location Promotion aims to provide a communication bridge for the industry partners and film shooting locations, introducing excellent film locations for the industry professionals and bringing quality film and television projects to the areas.

In addition to the various sections structured to serve film and television projects at different stages, HIIFF also seeks to inspire creative works from their origins. This year, HIIFF collaborates with OWSpace on the Literature Adaptation Lab, focusing on adapting literary works into film and television projects. We envision the Lab to encourage the enriched narrative expressions of contemporary Chinese cinema and television works and uncover more values behind literature, further strengthening the dialogue and synergy between the two media.

In the future, the Hainan Island International Film Festival aspires to optimize further and concentrate our efforts in building our film market to truly achieve the developmental goals of “Year-round Screening, Island-wide Screening, National Film Viewing, and Whole Industry Chain.” Sailing from Hainan Island, they chart the blueprints for the film industry. 

For additional information and inquiry, please visit the HIIFF Official website at www.hiiff.com.cn/en/ or email us at [email protected]

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