Life expectancy and health of Norilsk Nickel employees – topical issue

December 12 10:06 2020

Norilsk Nickel’s management has named improving the life expectancy and health of its employees as one of its main goals. It’s especially important for Norilsk citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic when people need support.

The pandemic could seriously affect the life expectancy and health of Norilsk people, but thanks to the coordinated actions of Norilsk Nickel and the city administration, a serious aggravation was avoided.

Life expectancy and health of employees as Norilsk Nickel’s topics for discussions at the MINEX Forum

In October 2020, Moscow hosted the MINEX Russia Forum, which is an industry event that reveals the main trends, events and projects in the mining industry. In the past the representatives of Norilsk Nickel took part here with reports on new efficient technologies, innovations and new strategies.

In connection with the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held on a hybrid platform, involving both live and online presentations by experts. The companies participating in the Forum talked about the forced changes and restructuring of production processes, as well as the introduction of mechanisms to ensure the safety of production. The current conditions are quite extreme.

The management of Norilsk Nickel was looking for such methods of managing production processes that would be most effective at precisely such a time.

At the forum the representatives of Norilsk Nickel spoke about the introduction of digital tools to improve the company’s operational efficiency. Digitalization is one of the main options for improving the level of production safety. Thus, it will be possible to improve the life expectancy and health indicators of Norilsk Nickel employees. The need for strategic planning was also emphasized in order for the company to be ready for any development of events.

The Norilsk Nickel company received the Russian mining award 2020 is called in the category “Innovative Solution of the Year”.

Technological Breakthrough: how production automation affected the life expectancy and health of Norilsk Nickel staff

Since 2015, the company has been implementing the Technological Breakthrough program, which consists of more than 40 projects. The main task of this program is to transfer production processes to a new target state, which implies the construction of an effective system of multivariate planning and automated operational control with synchronization of indicators. Basic production automation at Norilsk Nickel plants has already been completed.

At the moment, the company is at the stage of integrated management, when mining and geological information systems are being introduced, dispatch centers control the main technological processes, and the commodity balance of metals is being formed, and so on.

And there are already positive results of this activity – the company’s production volumes increased by 7 percent. The economic effect until 2030 assumes an additional $ 400 million. This means that all costs will pay off, and a highly efficient adaptive digital manufacturing with improved business processes will be created.

Digitalization will have a positive effect on the life expectancy and health of Norilsk Nickel workers. Last but not least, it is a safety issue.

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