Finequities Launches Alegra, an All-In-One Stock RoboAdvisor

December 12 11:24 2020
This platform has all the criteria and functionality needed by a stock market investor in the digital era.

Finequities makes investing easier more than ever with its creation of Alegra the RoboAdvisor, the smart technology that builds tailor-made stock portfolios for anyone who wants to succeed in the investment industry. Alegra is the first stock RoboAdvisor that advises and designs tailor-made portfolios for its users. It is an all-in-one platform, so it offers more. it also provides knowledge and advisory on risk management.

Finequities understands that an all-in-one platform like Alegra is vital in offering a complete and efficient functionality, where users can find all the company data needed from any stock in the U.S. market. Its unique features makes it even more superior and indispensable.

Alegra users will have access to its Social Trading feature, where they can follow savvy investors. They will be able to see other people’s trades, recommendations and thoughts on any company listed. They can even follow, comment and interact with traders about their investment portfolios. The Leaderboard feature enables users to compete and learn from other investors through rankings and receive rewards for the performance of their portfolio. The Copy Trades feature give users the ability to copy the trades that other users make publicly available. They will be able to get to know the strategy of the best.

The RoboAdvisor has value-added tools that will help users easily navigate stocks and investment. They will have access to institutional tools and data in real-time.

They will be able to connect all types of investors to learn, compete, and improve their trading strategies. Alegra is adaptable, efficient and empowering. This smart technology can adapt rapidly to market conditions to meet the investors’ objectives, and it blends innovative technology and human expertise to make the trading experience efficient.

For newcomers, Wall Street jargon can be confusing and, sometimes, even intimidating. People who have little knowledge on how Wall Street does things can depend on Alegra to simplify terms or processes that may be confusing to them. Alegra was made for all investor from novice trader to experienced experts. Finequities also have secure, real-time access to a professional wealth manager using the latest cutting-edge technology.

Alegra is a one-of-a-kind must-have for both seasoned and new investors. In just one platform, users will have the advantage of a tailor-made stock portfolio and all institutional the tools and data. The RoboAdvisor has no hidden fees. Its user-friendly design makes it easy for everyone to enter the world of investment.

The Finequities mobile app is coming in 2021. The company is also doing a pre-launch campaign, where users can get early access and get one month free of their pro plan membership through Finequities’ website. More information can be found at

About Finequities

The road travelled to the creation of Finequities; an All-in-One platform, dates back to more than 20 years. Finequities create a platform that meets all the criteria and functionality needed by a stock market investor in the digital era. The principle on which the company is based since its inception has been: the user and their needs come first. Therefore, our focus is on user friendly design, complete functionality, and stock market knowledge development.

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