Gives Tips for a Successful Shower Remodel Project

December 12 11:57 2020 Gives Tips for a Successful Shower Remodel Project

A functional shower or bathtub remains essential in American homes. When the bathroom in one’s residence no longer meets one’s needs, it’s time to consider a bathroom or just a shower remodeling project. Individuals who have never tackled a project of this type need help. Where can they turn for this assistance? 

Anyone who thinks they want to start a shower remodel should consider their personal style when redoing this room. The key lies in finding the right balance between customization and function. When the homeowner achieves this balance, they feel more comfortable in the residence, as it meets their needs. Visit this site here to learn more about what a shower or bathtub remodel involves and what items a person may wish to include as part of this project. The following serve as some helpful tips as the process moves forward.

Plan a Bathroom Shower Remodel

Before any work begins on the project, determine how the room is normally used. This involves talking to anyone who uses this space. Learn where they feel changes need to be made to allow space to better meet their needs. In addition, plan one’s budget and build in extra, as most projects of this type cost more than the owner anticipated.  Adhere to the plan and budget throughout the project to avoid costly delays. Searching for something like, “Bathroom Guide: How to Remodel Your Shower,” may become a great help as one moves through this step of the process. 

The Design Process

According to, most homes have a minimum of one bathroom with a bathtub and or a shower, sink, and toilet. Some residences include a separate shower or a bidet, and families appreciate a bathroom with an extra sink where multiple people share the same space. The room needs to blend in with other architectural features throughout the residence. 

Don’t assume this means everything in the residence must match perfectly. For example, all bathroom fixtures don’t need to be polished bronze. However, they should blend. In addition, when the shower that is being remodeled is in the master suite, the design needs to match that of the bathroom as a whole. This lavatory functions as a part of the master suite, so the two rooms need to blend seamlessly. 

Customizing the Space

Builders use stock materials when constructing a residence. Don’t assume one needs to do the same during the remodeling process. Feel free to upgrade, using items not found in newly constructed homes. This includes floating vanities, custom cabinets, built-in storage, and more. A budget serves as the only limit. Bordner Home Improvement works with clients to feel where they want upgrades made to make this space their own.

Don’t rush the shower remodeling process. More time needs to be spent planning the project than carrying it out. Keep this in mind, make all decisions prior to the work beginning and stick with the plan as the project moves forward. Doing so helps to ensure the project remains within budget and one is not unhappy with the finished product because one made a hasty decision midway through the work. This decision could end up being a costly mistake, which one wants to avoid at all costs.

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