The New LetzKeepItREAL Family of Networks

December 12 17:09 2020
The Next Generation of Social Media: 4 Networks In 1.

AISE, LLC, has developed an Online Network called the LetzKeepItREAL Family of Networks. Networks Users can connect with people worldwide, find amazing friends, follow their interests, and see what other people are talking about. This network is the next generation of social media networks. It consists of four individual full-service networks (Social Network, Career Network, Kreative (Creative) Network, and Dating-Plus Network) in one. The four networks are accessed through a single dashboard that provides the network users with a “One Stop Shop” for all their social media needs.

The LetzKeepItREAL Network has a host of tools, features, and social media walls where Network Users can post pictures, videos, and GIFs, share links, embed code, and cross post with their friends and followers on the LetzKeepItREAL Network and all other major social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and many more.)

AISE, LLC., has created a multitude of Network Walls, Tools and Pages that exceeds most modern-day Social Media Network capabilities. The LetzKeepItREAL Network has Recent Activity Walls, Friendship Walls, Motivation Walls, and many more! Go to and join the amazing Network!

The 4 Networks are:

1) Social Lifestyle Network: focused on providing the online customers with a Social Network designed to communicate, collaborate, share interests and ideas, discuss activities, and current affairs with a focus on Inspiration and Real-Life Experiences. AISE, LLC. believes that every person’s life experiences matter, the good and the bad. The social network is designed with unique features and tools that will allow users to motivate and inspire others. Visit:

2) Career Network: An online service where career professionals will have the ability to communicate, collaborate and discuss current career paths, problems, and concerns, and network with other career professionals. The Career Network also includes a Job Network, designed for employees to market their skills and employers to recruit prospects. Visit:

3) Kreative (Creative) Network: The LetzKeepItREAL Kreative Network has been developed for people with creative minds, skills and abilities: public entertainers, dancers, singers, actors, sports entertainers, creators, inventors, and all other people with creative abilities and like minds. The focus is to provide creative minds with a place to communicate, collaborate, share interests and ideas, and network with other people that have something in common. The Kreative Network provides a platform for Entertainment Producers and Managers to network with creative individuals. This Network will also have Talent Competitions to introduce creativity and talent to the world! Visit:

4) Dating Plus Network: A platform for finding friends, companionship, or a love interest. It’s dating “plus” because it provides opportunities not only for dating, but for becoming friends and getting to know each other in a social network environment. Essentially, it combines a Dating Network and a Social Network together to create the LetzKeepItREAL Dating Plus Network. Visit:

All four networks have been designed with marketing campaigns, fundraisers, and a LetzKeepItREAL Network Store! Try the LetzKeepItREAL Network!

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