Mantiz, the World Smallest Laptop Stand Is Changing the Way People Work

December 12 23:00 2020
Mantiz, the World Smallest Laptop Stand Is Changing the Way People Work

We are a small yet well-functioned design company integrating departments of design, R&D and product testing. This is our second Kickstarter project. We love to design beautiful, innovative yet pragmatic products for like-minded people.
Laptop users now have a less heavy, smaller, and compact alternative that doesn’t eat space. The device is made from high-quality material that makes it durable

Luxtarr Team proudly announces “Mantiz”, the world’s smallest laptop stand that eliminates the use of bulky and heavy alternatives. It offers durability, flexibility, and ease of mobility, because of the small size and incredible strength. 

Every laptop user’s desire is to find a stand they can place their laptop on, anywhere, anytime. But currently, most of the laptop stands available in the market are either too big or too expensive. 

Mantiz is coming to the world at the right time. The device’s small size makes it easy to be carried around anywhere without worrying about extra weight, space, or baggage. It’s so small it can fit in a back pocket. 

It’s also very flexible. Users can easy fold and unfold it, and place their laptop on it while sitting on any table or platform, in restaurants, bar, offices, cafés, etc. The product is made of very durable material. Although small in size, it can carry any laptop weight or size comfortably. The skeletal design allows for free flow of air to cool the laptop and it doesn’t block any vents. 

The biggest challenge with most folding laptop stands is the joints that easily get damaged. The joints on Mantiz are rock solid, so users are guaranteed infinite number of folds without break or damage. The strong joints also ensure that the laptop doesn’t shake when typing so there is no distraction. 

Mantiz improves health by preventing users from slouching over their laptop. That way it helps people improve their posture and reduce the incidence of neck or back pains. The device is built for comfort, stress-free, and ease of use, making it an excellent technological device with so much usefulness and impact.

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