Disrupting the hair care industry with the best products, 2-6 King Wavy is gaining the customers’ trust

December 14 07:24 2020
Founded by Sylus Modlin, 2-6 King Wavy is a company that produces the absolute best hair care products. Different kinds of moisturizers, brushes, oils, conditioners, shampoos are offered among loads of other essential stuff. 2-6 King Wavy specializes in providing the best products to make a 360 wave hairstyle. The brand is a result of Sylus’s constant hard work, commitment and a firm belief in God.

North Carolina, USA – A man’s true passion to create something new can lead him towards success and enables him to eventually achieve his life goals. Such is the story of Sylus Modlin, an entrepreneur who thrives in an insanely diverse ecosystem of startup businesses. His latest business, 2-6 King Wavy is the one he has been the most passionate about. The company holds special expertise in delivering the best hair care products for 360 waves. With a vast array of products that support 360 waves, 2-6 King Wavy is gaining the trust of the customers. Moreover, the company also gives out information on how to get 360 waves for beginners on the YouTube channel, among other necessary information.

The founder, Sylus Modlin is a spiritual man, who believes that God gave him this golden opportunity, and He gave him a chance to create a world of his own. Being raised by a veteran father and a spiritual mother, Sylus developed an entrepreneurial spirit. He is also a father, and wants to help his family so that they can live without worrying about the financial aspect of life. He says “Being able to get out of the rat race of not having generational wealth as an African American.

The brand, 2-6 King Wavy is an inspiration to the youth, most of which haven’t experienced the presence of a father figure, and hence Sylus acts as a model for them. Sylus knows his roots and wants to give back to his community, so he constantly donates to Angels On Wheels Charity Organization. In the coming years, he plans to do something for single mothers.

The vision of Sylus is to see 2-6 King Wavy become one of the best black-owned businesses. He is already on his way to this massive success, as he has worked with many renowned names such as Funnyman Gaitlin (IG Influencer), Desi Banks (Comedian), Ha Ha Davis (Comedian), and Corey Pritchett (YouTube Influencer) and many more.

2-6 King Wavy, under the management of Sylus is thriving. He strives to connect with the supporters of the brands and brings the best products for them. He believes in the power of ownership in everything he does be it business, music, food or a hobby. God allowed Sylus to do good in his life, and so he chooses to help his community and bring them the best hair products.

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