Pet Resolve Limited Announces New Features of Its Top-Selling Dog Training System

December 14 07:42 2020
The company caters to everyday dog owners and professional dog trainers alike.

Pet Resolve Limited providers of premium dog training products that are made to last. In the last six years, the company has succeeded in developing effective, high-quality products and excelling in unparalleled customer service.

The founders of Pet Resolve noticed two types of dog training collars: the cheap but easily breakable ones and the effective but expensive ones. Some companies do offer cheap dog trainer collars, but they either do not work or do not last longer than a few weeks. As for the products that actually work, they often turn out to be more expensive than the regular dog owner can afford, especially if they own more than one dog.

Pet Resolve was formed because the founders wanted to solve the quality and cost issue of dog training collars for everyone. They started to produce their own premium products and offered a happy alternative — an affordable solution that actually works.

“At Pet Resolve, we pride ourselves on developing the highest quality products and offering them to customers at a fair price just above cost. This is our philosophy — giving back to our customers by using the best raw materials so that we can deliver products we trust and our customers can trust too,” stated the Pet Resolve team.

The company has added new features to their top-selling dog training system, and customers can expect the following functions: night mode, which has LED lights fitted for night walking; anti-bark mode; fake prongs to remove the shock function and extra-long prongs, which are ideal for long-haired dogs. They have also removed the system’s standby mode, making it always ready to go when the dog owner needs it.

After Pet Resolve’s products were first patronized by everyday users, they were recognized by dog trainers as well. Professional dog trainers now use Pet Resolve products for their business needs. The company prides itself for its customer-centric approach. They treat every customer how they themselves would like to be treated. In addition, the company also offers a business-to-business service, in which they partner directly with dog trainers.

A five star review from customer Katy of Ohio stated, “Love these collars. Instant change in behavior for my boxer, Chase. Much less worrying in the park now.”

Pet Resolve offers a two-year warranty on all their products. More information can be found at

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Pet Resolve Limited is home to some of the best dog training products on the market.

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