Imagination Film Brings in a Revolutionary Animated Film that Breaks Language Barriers

December 14 07:45 2020
Imagination Film’s new creation shows the value of creating films without a spoken language, using actions and gestures to break the communication barrier among people.

Effective communication is considered by many as the most crucial life skill. In prehistoric times, people were able to communicate without the presence of words. Early humans expressed thoughts and information through different means, whether visually through drawings or by imitating different sounds and gestures. As people evolved, words and languages revolutionized human interaction. These also created walls between various races and cultures. Imagine if people can experience a borderless way of communicating. Imagination Film brings in this experience through a film that breaks the language barriers.

The animated film starts in a small city called Querétaro, located in the heart of Mexico. A group of “locos” composed of a toymaker, a recycler, a creative, and a “Topo,” embarked on a multi-million dollar disruptive adventure in the entertainment industry.

This picturesque group did the whole production, from screenwriting to drawing and animating. The team financed and produced the first animated feature ever to be spoken in a completely unknown language.

“Metaphorically speaking, we as species use words as a bridge among each other, but we also have used those words to create walls. Now it is our responsibility to teach our kids to overcome this barrier,” said producer and studio CEO, Ricardo Gomez.

The film’s endearing characters communicate with grunts, gestures, sounds, blows, and body movements reminiscent of the caveman era, “a great challenge,” according to director “Topo” Gómez. This crazy group’s bet was to break down the language barrier. The animated film is set to be released in the year 2021.

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Imagination Films is a group of creative and talented artists who loves animation. Imagination film started creating stories in 2005, with the first 3D stereoscopic animated feature film in Mexico. The company embraces new talents, perspectives, and technologies, in the pursuit to create extraordinary content.

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