How BizSecure is using Verifiable Credentials to Help Solve the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis

December 14 07:48 2020
This San Diego startup is rethinking the ways in which people can see and share their own medical records, like COVID-19 test results and vaccination records.

It was amidst the chaos of the early weeks of the pandemic that a small technology company in San Diego, California decided that they could help solve critical pandemic problems.

The team at BizSecure had already been developing a platform powered by blockchain technology that would enable medical records, transcripts, college degrees, and other credentials to be shared and verified cryptographically on a decentralized ledger. This technology would ensure both the integrity of the data itself as well as the authenticity of the information. When the pandemic struck the U.S. in March of 2020, the team recognized that there would be a need for verifiable test results of COVID-19 testing and immunization once a vaccine became available. The company reached out and partnered with medical professionals and high-capacity laboratories in the United States who were already conducting COVID-19 testing to create the BizSecure Pandemic Response Toolkit.

The BizSecure Pandemic Response Toolkit utilizes state of the art technology to provide a safe and convenient method of verifying individual test results without compromising HIPAA regulations or an individual’s right to privacy.

In order to help businesses and government officials combat the effect of the virus on society and the economy, BizSecure mobilized their verifiable credential platform to be used for issuing verifiable medical health credentials and launched the BizSecure Digital Wallet, an app for smartphones, which provides users with the ability to protect and share their digital health credentials with trusted entities. The privacy-preserving technology allows users to secure their private medical information and share only what is needed with those they trust. With a quick touchless scan of a QR code, that individual can prove that he or she was recently tested and confirmed to be virus-free or has been vaccinated (once a vaccine is available to the public).

True to the spirit of verifiable credentials, this digital certificate is not stored in a centralized database and uses cryptographic security to prove that the credential belongs to a certain individual and that the data itself is authentic and untampered. This type of digital credential is massively harder to fake or spoof than any paper or plastic credential, such as a PDF or paper certificate given to you by your healthcare provider. Verifiable Credentials can be issued in seconds—and revoked in seconds if that individual’s COVID-19 status changes.

Now more than ever it’s important that we have a system of trust in place to help get society back up and running in a post-pandemic world. Verifiable Credentials are the best way to help us do that now and prepare ourselves for any future pandemic outbreaks that may occur.

More information about BizSecure’s Verifiable Credential platform can be found at or by emailing [email protected].

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