Capitola Enterprises Releases Patent-Pending PickleUpper™ Pickleball Retriever

December 14 08:51 2020
Pickleball Paddle Accessory Makes it Easy to Pick Up a Pickleball Without Bending Over.

DECEMBER 14, 2020 – Capitola Enterprises announced today the release of the PickleUpper™, the world’s first patent-pending single pickleball retriever. Designed to attach to the end of a Pickleball paddle, the PickleUpper enables a player to pick up a pickleball without bending over to the ground. By eliminating frequent deep bending movements, the PickleUpper helps to prevent injuries, minimize muscle fatigue, speed recovery, and reduce the load on a player’s back, hips, and knees. The Company has published a video that demonstrates the product.

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Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America with nearly 3.5 million players in the U.S. and thousands of players taking up the sport each month. Pickleball is a sport for all ages and skill levels, but 75% of participants who play regularly are age 55 and older. This same demographic group has the highest prevalence of age-related musculoskeletal issues typically caused by arthritis and joint degeneration. Musculoskeletal issues can compromise functionality, restrict movement, increase the risk of injury, and result in chronic pain.

The PickleUpper can benefit players of any age and skill level- from beginners to seasoned Pros. It can be used for practice or drilling as well as in game play. Developed with input from one of California’s most well-known Pickleball communities, the PickleUpper is a small rubber attachment that easily twists on to the end of a pickleball paddle. It is designed to stretch and fit over all pickleball paddle handles.

The PickleUpper has a lightweight suction cup on the opposite end of the paddle handle. To pick up a ball, a player simply holds the paddle from the top with the handle facing down, places the suction cup over the ball, and presses down so the suction cup grips the pickleball and picks it up. It is simple to use and completely eliminates the need to execute a full bending movement. The PickleUpper is precision engineered, ergonomically designed not to interfere with play, and features minimal grip interference.

By making it easy to pick up a pickleball, the Company hopes to increase the popularity and enjoyment of the sport while also enabling participants to play with greater frequency and with reduced risk of injury. PickleUppers are available for purchase at or on Amazon.

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Capitola Enterprises develops and distributes a wide range of consumer products under various brand names including Pureboo®, Standee®, GuardMe®, BamTuff®, and PickleUpper™. The company also provides sourcing, fulfillment, and logistics services to a variety of clients.

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