Aussie Start-up Neuratech Fueling the Cognitive Revolution Using Brain Nutrition

December 14 09:18 2020
Aussie Start-up Neuratech Fueling the Cognitive Revolution Using Brain Nutrition

Start-up Neuratech wants to help support the brain health of many overworked and exhausted Australians who are looking for science-backed natural smart supplements.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, the company was founded on the principle of hacking brain performance with natural compounds and supplements to help solve and support the most important brain-related issues in modern society: brain health, performance, mental health, memory, and sleep.

Founders of the nootropics and cognitive nutrition business, Filip Saric and Daniel Stone, first became interested in the idea of hacking human brain performance using cognitive enhancing substances in their final year at the University of Queensland. They found there was a field of science-supported natural compounds and supplements that could safely support the brain over the long term and provide health and performance benefits. 

But while the industry was beginning to grow in the U.S and Europe, it had yet to emerge in Australia Mr. Saric said.

“We are one of the only supplement companies in Australia that is specifically focused on improving the brain,” Mr. Saric said.

“At university, we noticed the desire among the university students and professionals to experiment with smart drugs to drastically improve cognitive performance. We wanted to create a natural product that was safe over the long term and could help support brain health and performance in the long run.”

While most Australian supplement companies focus on either sports nutrition or general health, there are currently no major players in the cognitive nutrition space. 

The company launched in early 2020 with its new product, Enhance. The daily neurovitamin and nootropic was formulated to help support brain health, memory, neuroprotection, and learning. It can be taken by students or professionals in high-pressure roles or the elderly who want to support their brain health, improve their memory, and help prevent cognitive decline due to aging.

Mr. Stone said many Australians are unaware of the cognitive benefits that come from supporting brain health.

“We use targeted ingredients to achieve specific effects with the correct, clinical dose of each ingredient,” said the co-founder.

“The biggest obstacle we have overcome is educating Australians on how nootropics and cognitive enhancing supplements work and just how helpful they can be. We are talking directly to customers through our podcast and by fostering our online community.”

Neuratech plans to release two new products in early 2021, called Boost and Calm. Boost supports focus, energy, and productivity. Calm will target stress, relaxation, and sleep.

The company has continued to grow roughly 20 per cent month-on-month since launching, learning from its US-based competitors in the market. In the future, Neuratech is planning to run clinical trials to validate the efficacy of its products and quantify the benefits – something many supplement companies do not currently do. 

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