Bywire – Unbiased And Decentralized Source For News, Blockchain Verified

December 14 09:33 2020
Bywire - Unbiased And Decentralized Source For News, Blockchain Verified

United Kingdom – Many people are now finding the media to be an unreliable source of news. It used to be more of a secret that the media is funded by billionaire donors and that each platform is biased to certain political leanings.

Now, it’s apparent. While the media has always tried to remain unbiased, the reality of what media moguls ask their employees to write about is that they want something to fit an agenda, their agenda. In addition, the sales of newsprint publications are in decline thanks to the growth in the digital marketplace. With Adblocker and more ways to get around paywalls, many people expect news for free. This does not allow for retaining high-quality journalists who write without bias.

In comes a new platform named Bywire News. Bywire is a decentralized source for news. The news is provided by the finest UK independent news outlets and the Bywire team of reporters. Interestingly, a unique feature builds confidence with their readers ensuring that the news content is credible. Bywire do this by time stamping their articles on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity. You know you are reading work from an authorized and verifiable journalist who is held accountable by their democratic network of publishers.

The alternative news scene is growing. This concept grew in the UK due to a lack of unbiased news sources, with the broadsheets and tabloids largely owned by a handful for media moguls. An unbiased news source in the UK is something that is in high demand. Hopefully, American companies will follow suit. For now, readers can get international and US focused news from Bywire by going to

Those who are more interested in legal news will like Within the Law. Here, a person can get unbiased and accurate legal and business news. This is perhaps a field that is more of interest to lawyers and businesses minded individuals. Online businesses are opening up all the time but they still want to abide by the law.

Within the Law covers the legal sector in great depth and with fantastic accuracy. It helps people to get an informed perspective in a time where many are skeptical about what truth really means. It’s important though to not give up on the media altogether. This is perhaps why the alternative news sector has sprung up. There is a need for honest and truthful journalism, otherwise democracy itself may be facing its most serious threat.

When people with journalistic training get together with organizations that support real news, the facts can emerge more organically. There doesn’t have to be such a struggle in the meantime for the employees to get through the red tape that media corporations seem to specialize in.

It’s important to have checks and balances in everything. This is what alternative news platforms provide. They are other avenues to consume media. Therefore, readers gravitate towards new forms news media and they find this in the UK independent media sector, in particular with leaders such as The Media Fund.

Integrity in journalism still exists, but the public trust must be won back. This ambitious concept will help springboard discussions about the news that needs to happen. In the time of fake news, there is never a more sensible time to just sit back for a second and discuss, debate and even agree to disagree… Amicably.

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