AOS Online Introduces Free Gift Offer of Antibacterial Hand Gel

December 14 06:14 2020
AOS Online has established itself as one of the best suppliers of office supplies online, and its selection includes everything from legal supplies to office stationery, cleaning supplies and products, warehouse, mailroom, and packaging supplies, and even chairs and seating as well as office accessories. Today, AOS Online introduces a special gift offer of antibacterial hand gel for customers who order £20 or more worth of supplies, along with other premium special offers and discounts.

UNITED KINGDOM – The modern office needs a lot of supplies and equipment, and those in the know have been turning to AOS Online for years. AOS Online has virtually everything any office needs, whether it’s office stationery or archiving supplies, printer cartridges, writing supplies, educational supplies, presentation equipment, arts and crafts, graphics supplies, or other items. 

Their online shop also features a ‘best buys’ page, where customers can readily take advantage of top selling products such as toilet rolls in packs of 36, folded hand towels, ballpoint pens in packs of 50, permanent markers, archiving files in packs of 10, and envelopes of different kinds and sizes.

And now, there’s yet another reason why AOS Online distinguishes itself from other online suppliers of office wares and products: its special offers, particularly for orders that go above £20. If customers order online and their orders exceed £20, they can receive a free gift of a bottle of antibacterial hand gel if they use the code provided on the website. There are other premium offers and gifts as well, including free Quality Street boxes when customers order Nescafe Original, Nescafe Gold, and Nescafe Azera packs of 2, and a free Big Biscuit Box when customers purchase two Cap Colombie or two Alta Rica coffee tins.

AOS Online makes sure that it continuously replenishes its stock of various office products, so customers will always find whatever they need, and it features a lot of deals on other products as well, including deals and discounts for face visors, polyurethane face masks, tape rolls, hand sanitisers, disinfectant wipes, alcohol pump hand sanitisers, and disposable face masks. 

Customers can easily do a search for what they require on the AOS Online site, and they can search via categories such as size, colour, brand, and more. 

About the company 

AOS Online is a leading source of all kinds of supplies for the modern office, which includes office stationery and storage equipment, desktop stationery, printer, paper, and card rolls, presentation equipment and supplies, archiving supplies, chairs, graphics supplies, and a lot more. For the best bargains on high-quality office supplies, visit the website of AOS Online.  

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