Kuran Malhotra – The Versatile Entrepreneur Challenging The Status Quo

December 14 07:28 2020
Graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Kuran Malhotra, continues to expand his horizon with interests in several industries

KURAN Malhotra is unlike an average young adult as he looks poised to continue breaking barriers by dedicating resources to educating himself on different subjects. The Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business graduate is known as a philanthropist, educator, and photographer, with specialization in monochrome photography. His versatility and desire to challenge the status in any industry he finds himself in are evident in his endeavors.

As someone who takes an active role in various industries, I not only take time to educate myself on my interests but dive in to take a proactive approach to further my education on everything I do,” said Kuran Malhotra.

The era of specializing in one craft and pursuing it to the highest echelon seems to be over as more individuals are beginning to excel in different fields that are sometimes unrelated. This is the case of Kuran Malhotra, as he debunks the popular saying of “jack of all trade, master of none” to re-create the adage “jack of many trades, master of all.”

As an IT enthusiast and firm believer in technology education, Kuran develops websites, a craft he describes to have become a fun passion. His love for technology and interest in web development started at Montclair State University, stemming from an online portfolio that was a class requirement while in school. Over the years, he has honed his skills, with his coding experience extending through HTML to CSS, Javascript, Python, C++, VBA, SQL, and Ruby on Rails.

Kuran is also a photographer expressing his perception of the world through his lenses. He founded Kuran Malhotra photography, where he delivers captivating images. Kuran specializes in monochrome photography and his works have been featured in several local publications and museums, including “The West Essex Tribune” and the Montclair Art Museum. Kuran has also conducted private photo-shoots and worked as a fashion photographer for a local business.

The multifaceted Kuran is also a musician, using the craft as a tool of self-expression. He plays the piano and does music to calm his nerves and bless the ears of people around him. Kuran is also a self-acclaimed foodie who enjoys the full experience of new and exciting dishes from eating from the best chefs in the world on the streets of New York.

The bilingual Kuran speaks and teaches Spanish, providing native Spanish speaking entrepreneurs in the United States with guidance on starting and growing their businesses.

For more information about Kuran Malhotra and his projects, please visit – http://kuranmalhotra.net. Kuran can also be found across social media, including FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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