THAT Management Group, a talent management group

December 14 09:06 2020
We are a talent management company that caters to the need of all clients on our roster. We handle the administrative tasks while you focus on perfecting your craft.

In 2018 THAT Management Group (TMG) was created by Tamara Williams. She saw a vision to help people showcase their talent to the world and decided to start a Talent Management Company, hence the name that Management Group stands for – (Tamara’s House of Amazing Talent). Early mornings and late nights show the determination of Tamara to get this business to persevere, and it is evolving quite well. She hopes to be amongst one of the fastest-growing management company’s based in the United States.

TMG has a team of developers and current music business professionals who are currently active in all business areas, including agency representation, artist management, event promotion, PR, content creation, social media marketing, and publicity. Members of the team have created this platform to offer artists the assistance they need to advance in their careers.

The company’s vision is to work with artists from different music genres, modeling, and acting, leading them down the path of accomplishments pertaining to their talent. We envision being known worldwide for all the hard work and dedication we put into our work for each client signed to the company. Our mission is to handle all the administrative work while the client focuses on their craft. It is a talent management company that not only represents musicians; we also represent other talents. We currently have three artists signed to the management company; King, Static, and Iyanna Upsher. King x Static is a hip-hop duo and has many singles released along with one album and another album entitled “Rebirth,” which is scheduled to be released in December of this year. Currently, King and Static are working on their Solo projects that are scheduled for release in 2021. Iyanna Upsher is an RnB vocalist and has “Feel up on me” and “Rose with Thorns,” which were released under management this year. She is also working on releasing her very first EP, “A Game Called Love.”

Working in partnership with our clients, we foster each event’s development or shooting step by step from inception to commencement to execution. Keeping that in mind, your satisfaction is our achievement. We hope to help thousands of talented individuals to launch a career, secure airplay on international radio and TV stations, achieve millions of streams on Spotify, sign sync and licensing deals, and take the stage at high profile events and big screen. Our goal is to have all your music live in TMG – thereby making artists and producers more productive and giving back much time to dedicate to making great music.

We’re just getting started and are so thankful for your support in being together with our team. TMG is passionate about bringing their clients’ vision to life.

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