AXION Clean Mold Remediation Offers Cost-Effective Non-Demolition Mold Removal Services for Residences and Businesses in Hillsboro, Oregon

December 14 15:45 2020
AXION Clean Mold Remediation Offers Cost-Effective Non-Demolition Mold Removal Services for Residences and Businesses in Hillsboro, Oregon

Hillsboro, Oregon – Mold can occur in damp, poorly lighted areas of homes and can be harmful to people’s health. To keep a house clean and healthy it is necessary to put an end to its presence, entrusting that task to a specialized team with the experience and resources to properly combat any mold problem. AXION Clean Mold Remediation is a family-owned business headquartered in Hillsboro Oregon dedicated to providing cost-effective non-demolition mold removal services to residences and businesses in Aloha and the surrounding areas. 

About the flexibility of their services and their vast experience in the industry, the company’s representative says, “We’re a family-owned business based here in Western Oregon and care about the people and communities we serve. We’re small which means each customer is important to us. Yet, we perform to the highest standards. AND we take on any size of the job, whether you’re a residential home needing mold removal or a large hospital needing disinfecting services. We’ve done it all.”

Unlike many of their competitors who use messy mold removal methods, AXION Clean Mold Remediation addresses mold through non-demolition removal, destroying mold in homes while saving customers time and money with environmentally-friendly products that are safe for people and the environment. Their specialists make use of the latest technology to effectively eliminate mold, being its dry fog technology the key to the process as it penetrates deep into cracks, carpets, clothing, furniture, and dark corners, killing mold, viruses, and bacteria, all without demolition. 

AXION Clean Mold Remediation specializes in pathogen removal, specifically mold remediation and disinfection services for the Portland area and Clatsop County. Its services range from small residential inspection to large-scale mold elimination treatment, odor removal, COVID-19 disinfection, among other services. 

In addition to mold removal Hillsboro Oregon and disinfection services, AXION serves air quality testing for homes and businesses, also using third-party testing; 24-hour emergency services, and also odor removal services, to attack the odor-causing bacteria and prevent them from coming back. 

Furthermore, this mold remediation company also offers independent validation tests to all its clients so they can be completely confident that the job was done right and in conformity with the agreement. Potential clients may also request a free visual inspection of their properties to determine the existence of mold. 

AXION Clean Mold Remediation is dedicated to providing the highest level of cleanliness in the industry guaranteeing long-term protection against future contamination. Clients can have the peace of mind of knowing that their home or workplace is safe from mold and viruses for months to come.

“These guys do great work at less than half the cost! It was a huge relief to get the test results back and know that the mold problem was gone. And they did it without making a mess. I would highly recommend AXION Clean Mold Remediation to anyone who has a mold problem in their home.” Said a past client about her experience hiring AXION Clean Mold Remediation for residential services.  

AXION Clean Mold Remediation is located at 2645 SW Oakwood Ct, Aloha, OR 97006. Contact them via phone at (503) 998-7568 or via email at [email protected] For more information about their services or request a quote, visit their website.

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