LateNiteCorner Business League together with HBCU Small Business Coalition launches Black Businesses Matter Campaign

December 14 22:06 2020
Funding for Incubator model that works to help standalone businesses organize into marketplace niches.

LateNiteCorner Business League & HBCU Small Business Coalition are proud to launch their Black Businesses Matter Campaign. The campaign will raise money to fund financial and support services & initiatives for small black businesses. The Coalition organized by Trep House and LateNiteCorner Business League, is excited about its fundraising campaigns and its Gold Membership that provides a suite of essential services for small businesses as a collective. In addition, their Small Business Membership enables small businesses to apply for grants and other funding resources. The Coalition includes grant writers, venture capitalists and crowdfunders on their board of directors. The Black Businesses Matter Campaign will fund much needed services such as the Gold Membership.

LateNiteCorner is poised to usher in a new era of Cooperative Economics for small businesses. LateNiteCorner Business League’s concept development got its start in the 1980s, with a concept that included a daycare, media vendor, entertainment, beauty salon, restaurant, and a computer resource center for providing digital services. Now, the incubator concept is moving forward with a new model anchored by a Marketplace Patio that carries existing brick and mortar businesses. This approach enhances marketability and increases foot traffic for existing businesses by adding niche businesses to support a marketing model that increases foot traffic.

Dayton Defender’s FUTUREPRENEUR’s conference of the late 90’s and early 2000’s focused on promoting entrepreneurship to youth. Fast forward to today FUTUREPRENEURs conferences are being held all over the world. Dayton Defender’s former managing editor and publisher launches a new campaign on Wefunder. LateNiteCorner Business League will invite Wefunder investors to join an investment initiative that will help small business succeed in a tough economic climate by combining the concept with conference supporters and utilizing shared infrastructure, marketing, and distribution.

LateNiteCorner Business League has worked diligently to show how crowdsourcing can be beneficial for startups as well as existing brick and mortar businesses already grouped together in plazas. Statistics show that crowdsourcing can actually be a better alternative than grants and SBA (Small Business Association) loans, and with the COVID-19 pandemic shaping the way small businesses look at funding, having more options on the table is perhaps more important than ever. And there’s absolutely no reason why LateNiteCorner Business League can’t pursue venture capital, state/federal business grants and research grants to further enhance business opportunities of its members—as a matter of fact they plan to do just that in order to achieve a balanced funding of private and government resources.

The MarketPlace Patio includes essential service-based businesses including fitness, daycare, gyms, niche food vendors, restaurants, secured LateNiteCorner branded virtual desktops with services for students and small businesses, turnkey vendor booths, and much more. “When customers buy from LateNiteCorner, not only are they recycling dollars in their own communities, but they are also recycling dollars inside LateNiteCorner. This is because we are selecting business services that everybody uses. LateNiteCorner is a business community, not a group of struggling standalone businesses with unreliable foot traffic,” said the team at LateNiteCorner. ‘Shotgun Chaotic Economic Development’ is replaced by order and theme.

LateNiteCorner Business League is looking forward to taking the next step in their mission of providing niche Marketplaces and digital/licensing infrastructure for small business plazas such as cloud kitchens and farmer’s market’s for small business plazas. “The ‘Me’ in small businesses become ‘We’,” said a spokesperson for LateNiteCorner Business League as the team looks to the future of their platform.

Small businesses will be able to apply for small business grants from LateNiteCorner Business League for either crowdfunding or for expenses, and the platform’s board of directors will ensure accountability while also fueling growth. Since LateNiteCorner Business League qualifies for insurance and investment rates that aren’t available to just one small business alone, small businesses only stand to gain by partnering with their platform.

According to LateNiteCorner Business League, their new campaign has been created to provide economic opportunities to small, underserved markets, and while failure rates are higher for the standalone business model, this initiative stands to reduce startup costs and increase success.

More information about their Equity Crowdfunding campaign can be found at Details on the company are also available at

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