CEO Melissa R. Williams Built Recherche’ Enterprises by Turning Pain into Power

December 15 10:57 2020
CEO Melissa R. Williams Built Recherche' Enterprises by Turning Pain into Power

Melissa R. Williams is an accomplished entrepreneur, role model, and mother of six. She has created a life around happiness and living out her dreams. At the age of nine, Melissa R. Williams had to deal with the painful death of her father. As a coping mechanism, she put all her energy into school and became a high-flying student. Her diligence at school set the tone for everything that she has gone on to achieve as an adult today.

As a young girl, Melissa R. Williams was inducted into the National Junior Beta Club. She served as the Clarinet Section Leader and Class Secretary while winning the school Spelling Bee, Academic Bowl and Science Fair. She was a straight-A student and graduated as the Salutatorian of her class. 

As an adult, Melissa had to deal with homelessness and domestic violence as she pursued degrees in Business, Education, and Nursing.

Melissa R. Williams’ story is an inspiring one that tells every young girl that nothing is too weighty or difficult to overcome. Since 2001, Melisa R. Williams has worked as a motivational speaker who has spoken at notable events and for organizations like Educated Girls Rock, The Salvation Army, I AM H.E.R. International Ministries, and many other organizations.

In 2006, she was ordained as a minister and went on to serve congregations in Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas. Melissa has made her mark as a notable figure in television, radio, business, and politics. She is the former host of the “Workday Wind Down” on 99.9 The Beat. In the political space, she has worked on campaigns for governors, mayors, and councilwomen in Georgia.

Her vast experience in multiple spheres of life has propped her up for the level of success she has attained. Her company, Recherche’ Enterprises, is a multi-million dollar empire that houses four corporations. She has championed the “mompreneurship” cause for years and has taken it upon herself to empower women and mothers to pursue their dreams. She has a strong passion for aspiring entrepreneurs, young mothers, wives, and women in general.

Melissa R. Williams has stated many times how less she cares about making money. “My competitors are in business to make money. I’m in business to change lives. As a woman, wife, and mother, I’m a natural caretaker & nurturer. I care about more than the bottom line. I’m looking to build people and relationships,” she says.

Her life’s mission is to create a legacy of empowerment and opportunities to create wealth while showing her five daughters that they can do whatever they want if they set their minds to it. “No obstacle in the form of people, challenges, or tragedies should deter you. Keep pushing, keep believing, stay spiritual, and smash your dreams,” Melissa charges. She is building her company into a billion-dollar conglomerate while dominating every industry ranging from entertainment, transportation, real estate to healthcare.

Learn more about her company on her official website.

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