Young Forex Trader’s Innovative Methods Influences Millions across the Globe

December 15 11:24 2020
Young Forex Trader’s Innovative Methods Influences Millions across the Globe


Raul Gonzalez III, the 22-year-old forex trader, and educator has become a highly popular figure among millions of people in the trading community. Raul is someone the young traders from across the world look up to for inspiration and quality advice on how to make the right moves while trading in forex.

“I am often asked how I started my career as a trader,” says Raul Andres Gonzales while sharing details of his success story. “I became a trader by circumstances brought about by Crohn‘s Disease which struck me when I was 16. During those challenging times, I learned to adjust and become self-sufficient, which led me to research careers that would give me the freedom to truly create the life I’ve envisioned since I was a kid.”

Raul faced a tough time when he was diagnosed with the debilitating disease which impacted his school education and many other aspects of life. He spent a lot of time every week in the hospital receiving treatment to ease the pain and discomfort associated with Crohn’s Disease. He was forced to give up normal schooling and had to pursue his education online.

Faced with a life that took away all the fun and joys associated with childhood, Raul made up his mind to deal with the challenges positively. He resolved to become self-reliant and started researching for career opportunities that would help him create the life he had imagined for himself as a kid.

Raul says that he always had an entrepreneur’s mindset and wanted to become a successful businessman. He is grateful that he had this approach, which has helped him achieve his life goals.

His early efforts at business began with selling refurbished skateboards, custom computers, and other similar stuff in partnership with his best friend. He also kept researching online for better business opportunities.  That’s how he found out about financial markets, and that proved to be the game-changer in his life.

Raul started spending long hours trying to understand how financial markets operate. His mom’s pantry became his research lab where he spent over 15 hours every day learning everything he could about trading.

Raul says that the concept of remaining focused on a task was inculcated in him by his parents early, and that helped him immensely while pursuing a career as a forex trader. His was not an instant success story. He lost thousands of dollars during his initial trading days, but his ability to remain focused on the goal helped him overcome the initial setbacks.

Today, Raul Andres Gonzalez is a hugely successful forex trader and also provides training to aspiring traders based on his own experiences in this field.

About Raul Andres Gonzalez III:

Raul Andres Gonzalez is a reputed forex trader and educator. He was born Raul Andres Gonzalez III but is more popularly known as @Lamboraul, his Instagram handle. Raul was born in Miami, FL and overcame multiple health challenges, and emerged as a successful forex trader on the basis of his tenacity to survive and his amazing resilience.

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