Capitol Presence Builds Solid Foundations for Businesses’ Digital Presence

December 15 11:36 2020
Capitol Presence Builds Solid Foundations for Businesses’ Digital Presence

The paradigm shift from the traditional business to digital can be difficult for those who got used to the conventional, even more so because of people who take advantage of the lack of knowledge about businesses’ digitalization. Capitol Presence has become one of the go-to companies for big and small companies transitioning to digital platforms.

The company is a woman-owned small business that was built through passion and hard work. It was birthed through the utilization of the internet, but the company is situated in Northern Virginia. In the tech industry, there is a small percentage of women-owned businesses, but that did not demotivate Halie Edwards, CEO of Capitol Presence. Packed with skills, ideas, and a positive attitude, she charged into the industry. 

Despite the challenges she faced in building the company from the ground up, her husband. Roy Edwards was there to help her as the President of the company. This power duo were both former Federal employees, which makes them familiar with the processes and technologies. Some of the organizations they have worked with include the US Military, including the US Navy, Army, Defense Health, and the Food and Drug Administration, US Courts, Federal Railroad, and Veteran Affairs. Also, they are of great help with enterprise organizations such as Hilton Worldwide. 

Roy Edwards uttered the words, “We believe in innovation and helping businesses and organizations save money through automation, sometimes balancing life, family and business is hard. But what if technology could help you find hours in the day and run processes while you sleep, attend birthday parties and play with your kids? We believe that the future is already here.” 

Capitol Presence is built with sturdy enough foundations to support other businesses and help them grow and expand through the proper optimization of online organizational tools such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365. The strategic way of implementing these tools caught the attention of the Information Technology division of the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization from the Veteran Affairs, which gave them the 2016 iCARE award for integrity. 

The past experiences of this wife and husband business partnership in working in the government gave them a clear picture and a deeper understanding of the rules and regulations. Hence, Capitol Presence guarantees their clients the utmost quality service to make their transitions easier. The company also stands by its goal to reduce, if not eliminate, the unnecessary processes in the business that are draining resources such as money and time. 

Their road to helping more businesses, regardless of size and tenure, is continuously in the works. Despite this pandemic, they have conducted seminars and training for organizations, provided written governance, and helped various government agencies master Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. These learnings will be of great help, especially since most are working from home, for everyone to be safe until COVID-19 comes to an end. 

Along with aiding in having a work-life balance with the help of automation, optimizing gains and resources is what Capitol Presence’s sight is on for the following years. For more information, visit their interactive website, wherein professionals can answer concerns and inquiries in a few clicks or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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