Rapper Alex Mendoza a.k.a. SNSG Releases New Single

December 15 12:00 2020

Royal Oaks, California, USA – When it comes to being versatile in the rap game, skills in writing come in handy. This is where Alex Mendoza a.k.a. SNSG is gaining traction in the industry. He is showing that someone who enjoys gaming and being himself can be someone who has a different take on life than industry moguls.

What stands out in the “Cheat Codes” record that he put out is that he really thinks on poverty a lot. He talks about not wanting to eat soup anymore. It’s a universal language that most of us understand. One should know what it’s like when we’re trying so hard to stretch out our fridge and pantry contents and understand that one has to work hard if ever want to get out of the cycle of simply not having enough money to spend on food.

Alex liked to play Fortnite and Call of Duty for fun when growing up. Now he’s expanded on this interest to create SNSG Company, LLC. His brand isn’t just about music, but it’s also about merch and creating content for people. On his website, one can see all the different pieces of apparel that he has for sale.

His album is definitely inspired by his passions as the name “Cheat Codes” denotes. He takes inspiration with his content from Youtubers like Mr. Beast. His music is inspired by the rap groups Dough Boyz Cash Out and Team Eastside. He’s a diverse person who seems motivated to fill a niche in the market however he can. He stays true though to the trends of YouTube, merch, and rap as a mainstay.

SNSG has lyrics that are very modern. One can tell this is an album written in 2020 and not one that from the early 2000’s. He uses the latest terms which just proves that he’s up to date with what is going on. It also shows an interest in the scene.

His life is centered around building his business. He doesn’t seem to promote just one thing as his career. Rather he goes by the clothing, gaming, and music categories on his website. He’s a bit demure in his approach as well. His biography is rather bare on his website. He relies on a few very short paragraphs to define him.

It’s hard to put the album into words other than it’s a collaborative effort. Nearly every song is performed in conjunction with other artists. The talents all work well together and don’t get any clingy portions that just don’t jive together.

SNSG is about reinvention but he’s also about authenticity. He seems to stick to what he both knows and loves. He did transform his professional image a bit, even giving himself a moniker. However, when it comes to being competitive, he’s really just in a lane of his own. He does what he loves and that’s what drives him.

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