Dropping the Price on Video Production – A True Story

December 15 12:12 2020

In the past 5 years video productions, sizes, and prices have evolved and today not many online website commercials are created using old manufacturing video commercial techniques.

Older video Digital Mind Coach MPEG rendering file sizes were too large for most social media locations unless the video was rendered and then posted to YouTube website created with an embedded link. In some video commercial cases, a 20-second video file was 200 to 500 megabytes in file size.

As the video industry evolved Digital Mind Coach had spent 10 years inside a video production computer lab developing their video production education and techniques.

Their operations pioneer deep into the video production operations and according to Ritthaler will be around for the next decade.

They can produce video rendering with a 20-30 second video file size under 10 Megabytes in less than a day.

Their cost to manufacture the advertising video commercial has increased according to inflation however with technology to manufacture had dropped the price keeping them competitive.

They can predict the changing market and how their Video productions changed to become very competitive in 2010 and changed in 2020 along with who has the account or client as referred by the advertising industry.

They have their techniques in creating video displayed in the video’s posted on their website, a rare find on the internet and a Google popular website with video files examples of all types embedded into their webpages at http://www.digitalmindcoach.net.

Animation has evolved in the video industry and video commercial samples previewed running under 10 Megabytes were all posted on the website. The website also had examples of YouTube link video generated at higher file sizes.

Ritthaler soon recognized the difference in the video content and how it has directly related to keeping the prospect on the web page.

Their best examples of lost revenue are when a prospect clicks a YouTube link, and he or she leaves the website.

To get the company’s business back and around this lost client revenue, Ritthaler uses a tiny video size file they created and post it online.

Then they posted the new video link at a small file size on their website and their client did not go to the YouTube website and they never left their website again.

As the video industry evolved a few advanced video production companies had expanded their marketing horizon to include business and advertising consult services combined.

Their operations and policy shifts placed the video production company in a better spot when grandfathering in the sale of video production advertising merged into that business consulting.

After watching the world shift in the industry Ritthaler’s conclusion is, most new business start-ups today or companies looking to reinvent their brand and customer base can benefit from using the video media advertising industry.







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