Digital enterprises settled in Lishui Suichang “Heavenly City” to promote “digital change”

December 15 13:24 2020

Thousands of years ago, Suichang County, located in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, was known as the “Golden City of the south of the Yangtze River” because it was rich in gold mines. Now, with the advent of the era of big data, digital economy has become a more valuable intangible “gold mine” here.

On December 14th, the signing ceremony of Xianxia Lake Discussion and “Heavenly City; Digital Green Valley” project was held in Suichang. Suichang County will cooperate with 11 industry head enterprises including Hikvision, NetEase and Qianxun SI to promote projects such as Netease Joint Innovation Center and Qianxun SI Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Center, build a “Heavenly City; Digital Green Valley”, and create a second space for green innovation.


Why Suichang?

“Develop a digital economy in the most beautiful places; Gather interesting people with a yearning prospect. “In 2019, Suichang County Party Committee and Government put forward the productivity layout of “One City and Five Districts”, which started the prelude of “Heavenly City”.

The reporter learned that the name of “Heavenly City” originated from the ancient Chinese science and technology book “Heavenly Creations”, “Tian” refers to nature, “Gong” refers to uncanny workmanship, and “Kaiwu” refers to creation, which is a process from scratch. Located on the bank of Xianxia Lake, “Heavenly City; Digital Green Valley” is a “double creation” platform that Suichang County is building with application scene innovation as the leading factor. The goal is to turn it into a benchmark for the transformation of the “two mountains” in China.

Since last year, Suichang has seized the opportunity of industrial digitalization and digital industrialization, earnestly implemented the “Digital Economy” No.1 Project of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Government, strengthened the leading role of digital transformation, explored the “Suichang Model” of digital economy, and realized high-quality green development. After signing the cooperation agreement with Alibaba Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. in July this year, Suichang County started nine digital economy projects on November 30th, including Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center, Zhejiang Southern Base of Additive Manufacturing Technology Innovation Center of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, and Digital Tea Industry Pioneer Park.

According to reports, Suichang County has also launched a three-year trial of intelligent manufacturing. Suichang County has given special subsidies and rewards for intelligent transformation of enterprises, and added one national-level professional, precise, special and new “Little Giant” enterprise and two enterprises that have passed the national integration management system. Through intelligent and digital transformation, Zhejiang Yuheng Battery Co., Ltd. has added a fully automatic intelligent production line for lithium ion batteries and launched a digital factory system, which has significantly enhanced the energy level of the enterprise, and the annual sales are expected to exceed 300 million yuan.

Data show that in the first half of this year, Suichang Science and Technology Innovation Evaluation Index jumped to the fourth place in the province. Its influence on the development of digital economy ranks first among the 26 mountainous counties with accelerated development. From January to October this year, the added value of high-tech industries in Suichang County increased by 10.1% year-on-year, and the added value of emerging industries increased by 41.2% year-on-year.


Famous enterprises settle in and Suichang enters digitalization

According to the project agreement signed on the 14th of this month, Hikvision will use Hikvision AI open platform technology, focus on forest fire prevention, straw burning, wildlife protection and other fields, and carry out comprehensive application cooperation with Suichang to build an all-weather, full-coverage and three-dimensional ecological protection system. Netease will integrate superior resources such as Internet technology, education and media. Within three years, no less than 50 enterprises will be introduced to Suichang, achieving a cumulative operating output value of 160 million yuan, which will help Suichang’s integrated development. Qianxun SI will accelerate the digital transformation of the government, and form an application scenario “Zhejiang Pilot” with space-time intelligence in the fields of safety monitoring, land management and emergency management.

“Hikvision has many years of cooperation experience with Suichang County and even Lishui City. In addition, Suichang, which has good ecological agriculture and cultural resources, is also an ideal place for the coordinated development of green technology and digital economy. Tong Junjie, vice president of Hikvision Zhejiang Business Center, said in an interview with Tianmu News reporter that Hikvision is an Internet of Things solution provider with video as its core, and hopes to promote the development of “agricultural innovation+cultural innovation” through technology and explore more possibilities of emerging industries in Suichang.

Wang Yuan, vice president of Netease and executive director of Netease Hangzhou Research Institute, told reporters that Netease will build a joint innovation center in Suichang County, and cooperate with the government, enterprises and universities to create an incubation platform for new formats of digital economy.

“Previously, 27 joint innovation centers in other parts of Netease were located in first-and second-tier cities, and most of them were located in core business districts. It is also a breakthrough attempt to locate the 28th Joint Innovation Center in Suichang. “Wang Yuan believes that the design of the “Heavenly City” project is highly logical and forward-looking. It can make full use of time-sharing economy to introduce talents, and has short-term, medium-term and long-term planning. This transformation path coincides with Netease’s talent strategic layout. “It is expected that after the completion of the project, there will be some excellent results in the upgrading and transformation of talents and industries and the convergence of Netease’s ecological resources.”

Digital and ecological “the opportunity of the times” has arrived. Zhang Zhuangxiong, secretary of Suichang County Party Committee, said that Suichang will focus on digital leading and modern enabling, and give full play to the unique comparative advantages of “Natural beauty of mountains and water”. Suichang adheres to the market orientation, stimulates the great potential hidden between green mountains and green mountains to the maximum extent, and explores a new leap-forward development path of integration of the most beautiful ecology, green technology, digital economy and better life in mountainous counties. Everyone will strive to make Suichang a beautiful home for people in mountainous areas and a yearning place for people in the whole province. 

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