Educator ‘Master Jeff’ Inspires Students to Maximize Their Potential

December 15 17:18 2020
Educator 'Master Jeff' Inspires Students to Maximize Their Potential

In the hope of the new year 2021 bringing glad tidings all around the world. Many people have been anticipating the year. One of such people is Iranian-American educator and start-up investor Seyed Jafar Jafari.

Seyed Jafar Jafari, also known as Master Jeff, is an Iranian American living in Los Angeles, California. He is a start-up investor, an educator, and the founder and CEO of PSC Academy. Born and raised in Iran, Jafari had a lifetime of habits that made socializing a colossal struggle. Deciding early to cut the timid and isolation shadow cast over his childhood, he set forth on a journey to discover what creates change in a person’s outer world.

To find the answers to his questions, Jafari traveled throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, researching and curating information from multidisciplinary fields, including Philosophy and social sciences. Ultimately, he concluded that “If you change your habits, you change your lifestyle.” This simple yet profound discovery changed the course of the rest of his life. Jafar Jafari applied the principles he had learned, and over time the timid and reclusive teenager became an outspoken young man brimming with confidence in his identity and abilities. 

Witnessing all the positive transformations in himself, Seyed Jafari realized that he could replicate his success with other people and started developing his training seminars to help others change their habits and bring out their inner potential. He had found his purpose and voice, and this led him to the creation of PSC Academy, Inc. In the last two decades, the inspirational educator has traveled to over 32 countries. More than 100,000 students have benefited directly from his knowledge and training, as he helped them discover, enjoy, and appreciate who they are.

At the core of his practice is the fundamental mission to help his students to discover their authentic inner selves. His students wish to change their lifestyle to realize and maximize their inner potential and enhance personal and professional performance. 

In 2016 Jafari emigrated to the United States to expand his reach to the American audience and ended up in Los Angeles, California. He found the American culture invigorating and a natural fit to his purpose. He spent the next four years creating a sturdy network of driven individuals ready to change the world in their unique ways. Inspired by the passion of those he has surrounded himself with, Jafar  Jafari began investing in start-up Ideas.

As an entrepreneur himself, Jafari commented on the companies that capture his eye, and he operates by a personal principle: “I do not invest in companies. I invest in people.”

The COVID-19 pandemic meant Jafari had to transition his training seminars to a virtual platform for his audience in America and worldwide. However, his training seminar’s impact and quality have not been affected, and his desire to see people live better, happier, and more accomplished in their endeavors has never been greater.

Jafari is kickstarting the launch of his courses in North America in the coming year.

To learn more about Jafar Jafari, connect with him on Instagram.

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