Daisyiona Howlett Helping People Rediscover Their Self-Worth

December 15 17:45 2020
Daisyiona Howlett Helping People Rediscover Their Self-Worth

Daisyiona Howlett is a Comparison Coach, serial entrepreneur, and mental health and wellness advocate. She currently holds a degree in Psychology from Cypress College and is currently working to obtain other certifications and degrees within the mental health field. She is the youngest of her siblings. In her downtime from work, she enjoys trying out new hobbies, hanging out with friends and family, and practicing Jiu-Jitsu.

As a published author, Daisyiona caters to young women who feel isolated and alone but choose to mask it daily with smiles on their faces; this includes the women who take care of everyone before even thinking of themselves, the woman who feels alone in her thoughts but always presents herself to others as being able to carry the world on her shoulders. To address these, Daisyiona decided to write her first journal, titled Worthy I AM.

Daisyiona describes success as having an unwavering faith in oneself and the desire to keep going after one’s dreams and goals even though you know everything won’t be perfect. Daisyiona’s advice to everyone who desires success is to never give up on themselves and their dreams because sometimes, people may not understand you or what you are trying to do, including those closest to you. But giving up should never be your option, especially if you feel called towards a particular path; it’ll be best if you go in that direction to see what lay in wait for you. Fear must never stop you too.

According to Daisyiona, she started writing the Worthy I AM journal while hoping to achieve her lifelong dream where women and girls would no longer be prisoners to their thoughts as she was once one to hers. A dream where women and young girls could fight through their insecurities and self-doubts to start living the lives they dream. And create an environment where women would no longer blame themselves, worry, or feel guilty for taking time out to watch out for themselves. The Worthy I AM journal is for everybody and every woman and their journey.

Daisyiona targets millennial women between the ages of 18 to 25 because, according to her, that is the population demographic she enjoys working with the most. She understands how it feels to compare oneself to other women because she used to do that in the past. On what separates her products and services from those of her completion, Daisyiona said, “Being someone who used to compare myself to other women, I can now use my coaching techniques on myself. I’ve been able to stop doing so.”

On her plans covering the next five years and beyond, Daisyiona says since her journal publication, she now has her sights set on creating a coaching program for her clients to learn self-care and create a platform where she can have one-on-one coaching sessions with her clients.

For more information on Daisyiona, her works, and future publications, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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