Benjy Sherer Coaching Offers Paradigm Altering Approach to Mental Health

December 16 04:00 2020
Self Love and Shadow Work Course to Heal Triggers, Traumas, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Bipolar, BPD, and more. Personal Development and Mental Health.

According to renowned Emotional Wellness Coach Benjy Sherer, the standard approach to Mental Health used by therapists, psychiatrists, hypnotists, and other mental health professionals is backwards, and the results of his clients from around the world are backing up his claims. People who have tried decades worth of talk therapy, anti-depressants, spiritual practices like yoga and meditation and more… are finally starting to get their lives back through his approach – which focusses on the core concepts of ‘Self Love’ and ‘Shadow Work’.

According to Benjy, these are the 2 core concepts needed to attain Emotional Self Mastery.

Self love – he says – sounds straight forward but is an intricately tricky concept because there are many ways in which people are betraying themselves that they’ve never noticed before. “This self betrayal is what leads to things like anxiety and depression” says Benjy, “because multiple parts of one’s inner being are fighting each other, causing an inner conflict that – until it is resolved – leads to constant emotional discomfort”.

‘Shadow work’ then, as described by Sherer is “the process of learning how to notice, confront, release, and heal all the uncomfortable emotions trapped inside that never got resolved when particular traumas were first experienced”. He says that when people were mistreated or hurt in the first place, these experiences created emotions that they weren’t free to release in the moment due to fear and being unsafe, and that they have therefore been carrying around those emotions their whole lives.

“It’s not about reconnecting to the trauma and memories”, he says, “it’s about connecting directly to the emotions that never got released”.

What separates his approach from traditional mental health routes is – as he says – that people don’t actually need to know WHAT they are healing most of the time in order to heal it.

“Problems of the heart cannot be solved from the head” says Sherer, explaining how emotions cannot be rationalized into healing. It is not a matter of understanding, but rather just releasing.

“Focusing on traumatic memories really just fires neurons down the same pathways of fear, doubt, guilt, and shame that were created in the first place”.

Sherer’s approach is to work ‘from the top down, instead of the bottom up’.

He teaches his clients how to first feel as good as possible as often as possible, and then how to confront and heal any uncomfortable emotions that bring them down whenever they come up. He says that they don’t need to chase down their demons, they just need to learn to release whatever uncomfortable emotions their body is sending up at any time.

After speaking to some of his clients, it is undeniable that his methods show phenomenal success rates that present truly exciting possibilities.

Healing doesn’t need to itself be a traumatic experience, says Sherer… and that is good news if there ever was any!

Find out more about his Self Love and Shadow Work Course here:

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