Battery Material Grinding – Cathode Material Processing Options

December 16 03:36 2020

Battery material crushing Ultra-fine grinding units of various models and specifications include servers, variable-speed screw conveyors, hurricane collectors, air hammer fluctuation equipment, bag-type dust collector boxes, cyclone single pulse equipment, induced draft fan motors Negative pressure. The high-power induced draft fan motor can not only generate negative pressure in the transportation pipeline, so that the specified ultra-fine powder is automatically sucked into the pipeline by the wind speed, and the extremely large exhaust volume also takes away the continuous generation of the crushing cavity. Heat, in addition, has a powerful practical effect on the pipeline of the broken generator set. The feed port of the hurricane collector is modified with no wind entering the equipment, and dust is generated from the powder outlet, which achieves the actual effects of cleaning, environmental protection, and saving.


Battery material grinding

The entire equipment of superfine grinder is produced and processed from high-quality stainless steel plates. The machine is equipped with a grade classification organization, which can make crushing and grade classification at one time. Negative pressure transportation makes the heat generated in the crushing work cavity continuously discharged, so it is also integrated into the crushing of heat-sensitive raw materials. The equipment has a wide range of applications, the processing process continues to develop, and the feed size distribution is adjustable.

Cathode Material Grinding The quality of the entire equipment is also determined by its constituent components. Each piece of equipment must be mastered from the components before it can be improved from the source.

With the prosperity and development trend of the crusher field, the ultra-fine crusher has a wide variety of crushers with different functions. As a production equipment for Chinese medicinal materials in the pharmaceutical industry, a very customized Chinese herbal medicine crusher for the pharmaceutical industry is also born. In fact, the Chinese herbal medicine crusher mentioned here also belongs to the ultrafine crushing range.


Cathode material grinding

A key function of the ultrafine grinder in the production and processing of the pharmaceutical industry is to increase the dissolution of Chinese medicinal ingredients. Because ultra-fine pulverization can break the various somatic cells and various structures of Chinese herbal medicines and green plants, the reasonable ingredients can be fully mixed, and the dissolution volume of Chinese herbal medicines and coarse particles continues to rise, so the amount of medicine is higher than that of traditional Chinese medicine. Decoction pieces will be greatly reduced. The application of Chinese medicinal powders has shown this point. Some people have collected more than 400 kinds of medicinal powders from 40 symbolic classics of traditional Chinese medicine of various generations, and the amount of the medicinal powder is 20.9%-41.9% of the amount of Chinese herbal medicine used in pharmacy. The results of scientific research on 28 commonly used Chinese medicines show that the amount of powder used is 1/3-1/5 of the medicine. Ultrafine pulverization of Chinese medicinal materials can greatly reduce the amount of medicine, which has key practical significance and use value for saving precious and scarce Chinese medicinal materials.


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