The Sporting Blog – A re-birth, thanks in part to Covid-19

December 16 10:33 2020

The Sporting Blog is a rare story of progress and development, not just in spite of the covid pandemic, but in some ways because of it.

In March 2020, Oli Harris, Founder of The Sporting Blog, was, like so many others forced to adapt to time at home and the so-called ‘new normal’. People were out of work, furloughed or simply left staring into the unknown.

Whilst his day job as CMO of Racing League was put to semi-pasture for a few months, Oli knew that there was an opportunity for a neglected part of his life; The Sporting Blog.

The Sporting Blog had been a passion project, started in 2017 as a website to house interviews, opinions and stories from numerous sports, but was only ever a hobby. As the years passed the site got less and less attention as life got in the way, but had a good following and a sound platform to build from.

So, as Covid struck, Oli invested time and money into re-building the website with a new purpose: To be the biggest non-news sports website in the world.

There were two principles that Oli wanted to push with the newly invigorated website.

1) Every contributor gets paid for their work.

2) The website would be fuelled primarily by SEO.

The former meant a great deal of personal investment, but also gave opportunities to journalists and creators at a time when most were being asked to work for free. The later meant that the project would be long term, and that it would put The Sporting Blog in a different category to the plethora of clickbait driven sports websites out there.

A Podcast was added to the content the site was producing, and guests so far have included Joe Foster, The Founder of Reebok, Andy Payne, Chair of the British Esports Association and Tim Crow, one of the world’s leading experts in sports marketing.

In December 2020, The Sporting Blog launched with a fresh new brand and around 500 pieces of content published in the space of 6 months. A YouTube channel has been started and now Oli is raising investment to take the platform to the next level, by employing young creators who want to make a real difference in the world of sports content and marketing.

The goal remains the same for 2021, and thanks to a dreadful 2020 for everyone, the impetus to grow is stronger than ever. Future plans include investing more in the Fitness and Wellness content on the site, as well as launching a series of pieces investigating the rising importance of women in sport.

To get involved or just run some ideas by the team, visit the site and think big:

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