Illinois Licenses Delayed Until Spring 2021

December 16 07:52 2020
Illinois Licenses Delayed Until Spring 2021

“Create rules and standards to regulate the industry, and if more businesses qualify than available licenses, use a lottery system to ensure a fair distribution of those licenses,” says Tom Howard, lead attorney at Collateral Base
Illinois Licenses Delayed until spring 2021 because of COVID & problems with scoring the applications correctly – New dispensary and grower licenses may not be awarded for month.

Tom Howard, prominent lawyer in the emerging agriculture industry and lead attorney at Collateral Base law firm, explains the delays in Illinois dispensary licenses has everything to do with the application’s purported scoring system as graded by accounting firm, KPMG. 

The emerging agriculture market in Illinois seems to be a very limited market with only 75 dispensary licenses available in the state. Since the state picks the winners and losers in the license application round, it is set to become an oligopoly in America.

Because of its exclusivity, this industry guarantees a profitable business, and with it comes corruption to become one of the winners. Political connections, lobbying, outright bribes, the whole schmear of bad acts that alienate newcomers and regular business persons from having a fair chance in entering the industry. 

Illinois has a lot to learn from other states licensing regulations, like Michigan Growers License Application and Arizona Dispensary Application, with no state limit on licenses and municipality control on the number of licenses granted in their communities. Companies can get open for business, but they have to compete like any other business.

“Set the rules, ensure the players comply with the regulations, and let the market sort them out,” says attorney Howard regarding the state’s limited licensing system.  

With Illinois dispensary license applications months behind schedule, and applications still pending scoring from KPMG and resolution of litigation surrounding Illinois first cohort of 75 dispensary licenses, this process seems to have no end in sight. 

If you want to get started now on round 2 and be ready for when 110 more licenses for Illinois dispensaries are released, or have other inquiries about the license application process in your State, you can always reach out to Collateral Base and Tom and his staff will gladly answer your questions and provide the assistance you need. 

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