Joshua Evans: The Movement Coach Takes an Innovative Approach Towards Holistic Fitness

December 17 05:12 2020
Joshua Evans: The Movement Coach Takes an Innovative Approach Towards Holistic Fitness

Joshua Evans is an online fitness coach, unlike any other. He offers his services to help busy professionals build a healthy mindset with exercise and nutrition in 90 days or less. Evans highlights that attaining health and wellness is more of a mindset rather than just an overnight thing. The online fitness coach clears all the misconceptions that come with health and fitness, helping them build healthy habits of their own.

He has created a system that is based around the power of unconventional training methods and all the benefits that these methods provide. Joshua Evans adopts a sweet and simple approach towards strength training and nutrition, allowing his clients to focus on taking action and accomplishing their specific goals. 

Coach Evans has a versatile set of tools at his disposal, making his training methods fun and creative. “I strongly believe in a well-balanced holistic approach to health,” says Joshua Evans, “I focus on what I fuel my body with just as much as what I use that fuel for.” He further expresses that proper nutritional habits must go hand-in-hand with physical performance and goal achievement.

Over the ten years of his experience in the fitness industry, Joshua Evans has trained countless people. He has helped them achieve their fitness goals through proper diet and nutrition, effective exercise routines, and creating habits out of all these elements.

He often starts out by advising his clients on proper nutrition habits and helping them perform simple exercise routines. Coach Evans utilizes certain gym equipment such as kettlebells and steel maces, which makes his routine more challenging yet highly effective. 

“I have been lucky enough to work for some of the world’s best strength and conditioning coaches and learn from some of the most respected professors in academics while obtaining a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion.” shares Evans. Throughout the years, he has further developed his philosophy on movement as he continues to learn from some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry.

Joshua Evans works with his clients as closely as he can. He takes a more detailed approach when working with his clients, using his expertise and vast understanding of human anatomy to create tailor-made solutions for each and every one of his clients’ fitness goals.

He doesn’t just focus on movement; Coach Evans also adds a strong focus on proper nutrition to help his clients meet their fitness goals. He is a PN level 1 coach with Precision Nutrition, making him a definitive authority to educate his clients on the right kinds of food to consume to get good results with their workouts and keep them feeling healthy and energetic.

Aside from being an online fitness coach, Joshua Evans is also the co-host of the Sweat It Out Podcast, which talks about all things related to Health & Fitness, Entrepreneurship, and the tools to getting the right mindset to maximize an individual’s highest potential to succeed. He is also an athlete with Ten Thousand, further solidifying his personal brand of fitness.

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