Gameday Global Offers Revolutionary 3-Dimensional, 100% Recycled Silicone Sports Ring

December 17 07:15 2020
Fans can show their support for their favorite sports teams with a durable, 100% recycled ring that can be worn while working or during exercise.

Wearing one’s favorite team’s colors has been practiced by sports fans for ages. From jerseys to shirts and shoes, to home decor, mugs, and other items; collecting team merchandise will always be a part of being a fan. However, fans cannot wear their favorite college basketball team’s jersey or shirt to work everyday. Sneaker collectors would not want to wear out their favorite player’s shoes by wearing them at the gym. Gameday Global created the best way anyone can wear their team’s name and colors at all times.

Gameday Global offers the only 3-dimensional true sports rings made of silicone. The company’s proprietary process allows them to create their patent pending 3D, certified solid recycled, medical grade silicone rings. Gameday Global’s rings are the only 3D silicone sports ring with no glue or seams. This durable ring actually comes with a lifetime warranty.

The rings are engineered to let air flow in and take moisture out, keeping fingers dry all day long. The recycled medical grade silicone ensures that the ring will remain flexible and comfortable under any condition. It features anti-cold properties which means that they can withstand down to -148ºF or -100ºC. These rings can be worn anywhere, and make the perfect gift for sports fans. Customers can even get a free ring by signing up and sharing the following link to 10 people:

Every silicone ring is made using compressed silicone with a silicone graphic, laser etching, or hydrographic printing. Gameday Global had to invent an entirely new and proprietary process to create the 3d rings. It took them three years to perfect the process and create a unique ring made of the right blend of recycled medical grade silicone.

Gameday Global currently has licensed rings representing over 40 NCAA teams. They also have a range of basketball and football rings in various color combinations that can be created with custom team logos. The company is working with schools, clubs, and other organizations to help raise money through the sale of their revolutionary rings with their logos on them. They also offer programs for retailers, wholesalers, fundraisers, affiliates, and brokers.

“We saw that no one was making a true sports ring that represented the passion that we all have for the sports we love! It took us over 3 years, and countless prototypes, and now we finally have a ring that you can wear to represent, your team, your colors, your sport! We hope you love what we have created.” Scott R. Tischler President/Co-Founder

Gameday Global’s team consists of National Champions, All Americans, and a lead designer that retired from the NFL. Their products were designed by athletes, for the athlete within everyone. They chose the name Gameday because it represents the mindset it takes to get ready for the “Big Game”. Gameday is a mentality that everyone from athletes, former athletes, fans, teachers, waitresses, artists, parents and every other vocation requires to win. Gameday Global wants their rings to be a reminder that every day is gameday. For more information on their unique rings, visit

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