The Leak TV: Michael Vincent Creates YouTube Channel To Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs

December 17 07:27 2020
The Leak TV: Michael Vincent Creates YouTube Channel To Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Michael Vincent has been a hard worker from a young age. When he was 8 years old he began mowing lawns and painting sidewalks to earn some extra money. A few years later when he was 12, he was able to step away from his lawn care empire and got his first real job selling newspapers on the weekends.

After high school, Micheal got his apprenticeship to become a plumber. He spent many years working successfully as a certified plumber, however, he was never truly fulfilled in the profession. Michael knew he was destined to be an entrepreneur. He decided to take a journey into the world of business and start his own company.

At that point in his life, he was bored with plumbing. He wanted something new and exciting to fulfill his days. His dream was to own a car dealership, yet he had very little experience in the trade. That wasn’t enough to stop him though. Michael opened up his own car dealership starting out with only a $2,000 car, a 400 square foot office, and two parking lots. 

Some people may have laughed when they saw how little Michael started out with, but he had the right business skills to make something happen with the little that he had. Within his first year of business, he made $500 thousand in sales. Every year business got better for Michael, and in his 7th year he was selling over $20 million annually.

From Car Dealership To Content Creation: Michael Vincent Really Does Do It All

After a 7 year successful run in the car dealership, Michael knew it was time to branch out and try something new. This time around he wanted to use all of his success to help other aspiring entrepreneurs find the same kind of success. Micheal and his business partner decided to sell the dealership and move on to a new journey.

This is how Michael’s YouTube channel The Leak TV and his website, were born. With these platforms, Michael’s goals were to help provide other entrepreneurs with digital content that will help them find success with their business.

His platform is helpful for anyone who is an inspiring entrepreneur but mainly informative to those in the plumbing, construction, or mechanical industries. He has documented everything he learned throughout his journey in the business, including:

  • Accounting/ Bookkeeping

  • Useful Marketing Strategies

  • Website Building

  • Hiring

  • Bidding and Selling Job Services

  • Software Programs

  • So much more

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