Fancy J London Uses the Power of Music to Fight Against Domestic Violence

December 18 00:45 2020
Fancy J London Uses the Power of Music to Fight Against Domestic Violence

One of the hallmarks of the most successful people is their ability to use their platforms as instruments of hope, growth, motivation, and change. While some people desire success to generate income and gain fame, there are exceptional individuals who go out of their way to make the world a better and safer place. And as someone who is clothed with an unparalleled devotion to helping others, Fancy J London made it her mission to become a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change.

As the world turns another page and a year older, change has remained the most constant thing in any generation. And with these changes come a thousand more issues that are continuously evolving. Fighting for equality has become more magnified, and freedom of expression continues to stand on shaky grounds. But the highlight of it all is that people are starting to acknowledge the rising number of domestic violence cases. And having been able to survive a tragic past, Fancy J London uses her career as a rising artist to serve as a platform for the voiceless and the unheard.

Without a doubt, music has its way of conveying messages that inspire and stimulate. Being aware of the unrelenting power of music, Fancy J London found the ultimate avenue where she can share her stories and embolden others to speak up about their struggles and fears. And as someone born with a natural gift of melody, she then set out to build a path surrounded by beautiful tunes, catchy beats, and well-written songs.

Pounding the pavement to achieve her goal of making the world a better place through the power of melody, Fancy J London took it upon herself to establish a career in music. Bringing her tenacious and zealous spirit to the table, she eventually became a multi-genre artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. She has released quite a number of albums in recent years, such as “Blu3” and “Reflect.” Her track entitled, “You’re the Reason, I Don’t Trust Nobody,” has garnered much traction in the realms of music and entertainment that it reached the number one spot on Spinnin’ Records.

Her unparalleled skills and passionate mindset ultimately propelled Fancy’s career to quickly climb the pinnacles of victory. Today, Fancy is an award-winning blogger and entrepreneur and the CEO of Fancy Lady Industries record label.

But in the middle of her successes lies the struggles she endured over the years. Apart from being a victim of domestic violence, Fancy J London also spent those miserable years fighting for her life against an incurable immune disease called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA. But instead of succumbing to her pains and fears, Fancy used these misfortunes as sources of motivation towards climbing the summits of success. And having reached an inch closer to the point of victory, she dedicates her hard-earned fortunes towards movements that help other artists grow and charities that fight against domestic violence. Fancy also contributes to organizations that find cures for MRSA.

Fancy J London serves as a genuine attestation of how success can mean different things for many people. To her, helping others is a good enough reason to say that one has reached the pinnacles of victory. With her achievements, she hopes to inspire others to encourage them to keep the faith.

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