CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Bastrop, Texas Area’s Foundation and Leveling Needs

December 18 05:48 2020
CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Bastrop, Texas Area's Foundation and Leveling Needs

A home’s foundation is arguably its most important structural component. Foundation damage can cause all kinds of problems, from crooked doors and uneven flooring to cracked drywall and broken tiles. Thankfully for Bastrop, Texas homeowners, there’s no need to live with these potential safety risks.

Signs of Foundation Damage

Only a professional can correctly identify the underlying cause of foundation problems. That said, homeowners need to know when to call the experts at CenTex Foundation Repair. They can look for the following signs of foundation damage:

  • Large, zig-zagging exterior cracks

  • Interior sheetrock cracks

  • Out-of-square doors and windows

  • Uneven floors

  • Cracked tile

  • Rotted piers or beams

  • Exterior walls pulling away from the house

Some of these issues are more serious than others. The experts at CenTex can identify the underlying source of common foundation problems and work to resolve them without costing homeowners’ their life savings.

Free Foundation Inspections

The first step to resolving foundation problems is to visit https://welevelit.com/ to learn about CenTex’s free inspection services. Before making any recommendations, a contractor will closely inspect the home and its foundation, measure elevation loss, and create a drawn-to-scale mock-up of the home. Only after the contractor has established the extent of damage will he or she make recommendations for repairs.

There’s a reason so many homeowners trust CenTex to inspect both pier and beam and slab foundations. These experts will never recommend work that doesn’t need to be done. They’ll evaluate the situation and make professional recommendations based on what homeowners actually need, not how they can make the most money from the job.

Pier and Beam Foundation Leveling

Pier and beam foundations are less common now than they used to be. That doesn’t mean homeowners who have this admittedly antiquated foundation type should be left footing the bill for removing it completely and installing a slab foundation. The contractors at CenTex know how to lift and level pier foundations the right way.

The process starts with removing the home’s skirting and installing structural supports, known within the industry as “shoring.” These temporary supports allow contractors to get under the house safely to dig holes below grade for installing new concrete footings. Once the footings are poured, contractors will use jacks to level the structure before lowering it back down and backfill the holes.

Slab Foundation Repairs

Concrete slab foundations are far more common in new construction than pier and beam foundations. They consist of a single concrete slab set directly on the ground. CenTex has two ways to repair a cracked or otherwise damaged slab foundation: concrete pressed pilings and center beam steel pier installation.

The primary benefit of pressed piling as a repair option is that it is quite affordable. Center beam steel piers are more expensive to install, but they’re a good long-term investment.

Call CenTex Today

Need to have a foundation leveled and don’t want to get jerked around by disreputable contractors? Visit https://welevelit.com/schedule/ to contact CenTex for a free foundation inspection. This highly respected company makes finding effective, affordable solutions its mission. They can help.

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