The Premier Realty Group LLC: Randy Louis Takes Real Estate Goals to the Next Level

December 18 06:00 2020
The Premier Realty Group LLC: Randy Louis Takes Real Estate Goals to the Next Level

A successful real estate acquisition or a venture in the industry can lead to almost a lifetime guarantee of financial stability. Taking things past the years in one’s life and into those in succeeding generations, Randy Louis has made it his mission to see people pass down generational wealth through The Premier Realty Group LLC.

Randy Louis is a professional at handling people and scoring wins. Born and raised in Maryland, the licensed realtor was a Division 1 football athlete who played with roaring cheers spurring him on. 

He was a football star at Youngstown State University and in his graduate school at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Employment and Labor Relations, Randy walked away from the sport and enthusiastically took on a new challenge. 

Randy Louis strengthened his people skills by walking into the Human Resources Department of some of the industry’s leading companies. There, he received recognition as one of the “30 under 30” Top HR professionals worldwide. The award was presented by the prestigious SHRM, the most prominent Human Resources Association to-date. 

In 2016, he took the first step towards his growing dream. He got into real estate. That year, Randy Louis began working as a Licensed Realtor in DC/MD/VA. In 2020, after being promoted as SR. HR Business Partner, he retired from corporate America to fulfill his life’s purpose.

Randy Louis was going to change the world by making sure the people in his community get a piece of it. Determined to help individuals acquire wealth and pass it down to the next generations through real estate acquisition, he crafted The Premier Realty Group LLC.

“I started the Premier Realty Group LLC to help people take their real estate goals to the next level,” he reveals.

Making good on his promise, Randy Louis began offering client-centered mentoring services, property management, and real estate consulting services. His work in The Premier Realty Group LLC shows his focus on those who haven’t acquired anything and are still trying to balance finances.

By providing a map for those looking to get into the industry at affordable rates, Randy has aided individuals in growing their real estate portfolio and has played a significant role in uplifting and raising his community’s standing.

“We are committed to achieving our client’s real estate goals,” Randy shares. Setting itself apart from other companies, The Premier Realty Group LLC is not only focused on completing a transaction and taking their commission. Randy Louis’s brand of service has proven its dedication by staying with its clients throughout the journey. 

“Even if they aren’t in a position to purchase anything right away, we guide them through the process and ensure they have a line of sight to achieving their goals.”

So far, Randy Louis has successfully seen his clients reach top levels in their real estate goals. Since The Premier Realty Group LLC first opened doors, it has become a symbol of success in Randy’s community’s industry and growth. With his unique methods and genuine interest in his clients’ future, the realty group’s reputation goes nowhere but up from its current level.

Follow licensed realtor Randy Louis on Instagram to stay updated on his future ventures. To learn more about The Premier Realty Group LLC and how Randy fulfills his life’s mission, visit the company on its official website

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