Alec Kesheshian Is Bringing People Together Through Fashion

December 18 06:18 2020
Alec Kesheshian Is Bringing People Together Through Fashion

For many, traveling, touring, visiting other countries, and experiencing other cultures is a hobby and a lifestyle. Not everybody takes a trip abroad to a neighboring country and comes back with a fresh idea capable of revolutionizing a particular industry. On the list of influencers and creatives who have revolutionized their chosen industry and careers, for Fashion, Alec Kesheshian is high up the list. 

He is a fashion entrepreneur from Los Angeles and the founder of God’s Dream. A company he founded out of the inspiration he had while traveling the Amalfi Coast. And thanks to his mastery and usage of social media and influencer marketing, he quickly built a popular company reaching a large audience. 

Kesheshian started God’s Dream when he was 16 years old, where he made a hobby out of making hoodies for his friends. He realized his designs and clothing had potential when his friends began to promote his craft and designs. They did this by tagging him in photos where they were putting on his design, and this move paid off because it built a large audience for his designs and confidence. Kesheshian, to date, attributes his rise to becoming an influencer on social media to his friends who helped promote his work and made a success out of his clothing line. 

Kesheshian attributes his motivation to his experience while visiting the Amalfi Coast, on the south side of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula. Even though he planned the trip to experience the tight-knitted nightlife, which is basically the opposite of his Bel Air roots, he ended up finding the inspiration to build a quality fashion company.

Having spent much of his time in Milan, where he had the opportunity to walk the grounds that birthed some of the most celebrated fashion icons in the world, the impacts the city had on him are evident to date. Kesheshian said he found himself sampling high-quality fabrics and materials and coming up with new designs for his company. All he wanted at that point was to take back with him to Los Angeles, the world-class level of craftsmanship, and start a brand that would bring people together.

Kesheshian wants readers to believe in their work more and, regardless of their profit margin, commit everything to their craft. And he wants them to understand that there is a long list of failed attempts and ventures behind every successful business. It took him years of failure to eventually put together the necessary formula to find his vision of success. By putting 100% effort into your business, you are on your path to success, he concludes. 

On his plans for the future, Kesheshian admits that God’s Dream is not just a clothing brand. It is a lifestyle aimed at providing individuals with a voice. He believes his designs help people express themselves through boldness, creativity, and ingenuity. And as someone passionate about his craft, he hopes to encourage as many people as possible to embrace their identities, feel confident and comfortable in their skins.

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