WebsiteSuccess.Tools Review: Improving Search Engine Ranking through Extensive Website Monitoring

December 18 04:10 2020
If you run an online business, especially one with its website, then there is a good chance of being acquainted with the concept of search engine ranking. Having your website’s name and URL shown among the first page results of a relevant search is every online business owner’s mission. Users simply trust a search engine’s preliminary recommendations and click on these first page results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services have already become a highly lucrative industry. This can be justified by the fact that being highly visible to a search engine’s algorithm plays a key role in the success of an online business. Typical website tweaks like keyword research, fresh content, and link building are often the popular go-to techniques for search engine optimization. But it seems that one website aspect has taken a backseat in SEO priority – the website speed. Its great impact in search rankings has been less appreciated by online business owners and less-informed web admins.

Website speed or how fast a website renders and becomes usable to a user is more often considered in the context of user retention and bounce rates. The slower a website loads, the less likely a user will stick around and browse.

But website speed influences potential customers way before they have gotten a chance to click into a website. How? Website speed is one of the factors that search engine algorithms tune into when ranking a website. A website’s overall speed, specific speed indexes, bounce rate, and user dwell times are also factored in by search engines. The faster the site is (along with the usual SEO factors like relevant keywords use, updated content, cross-links, and so on) will result in higher ranking.

Fast website speed starts with a dependable website host server, one that provides robust resources, excellent uptime, and quick response. And then website speed will also depend on the website’s design. If programmed from scratch, a website should be error-free. The design also needs to strike a balance between being intuitive, lean, and responsive while being informative and attractive.

But even if a website has been well-designed and hosted by a reliable server, the work in maintaining website speed does not end there. Over time, contents get outdated, links become broken, or codes become erroneous. Eventually, a website bogs down for one reason or another. To prevent this, a website must be diagnosed and updated regularly to maintain optimum performance in the long run.

To help online business owners and website administrators with speed maintenance, WebsiteSuccess.Tools offers a bespoke Page Speed Monitoring Package.

WebsiteSuccess.Tools is an online provider of hosting and website maintenance services including Page Speed Monitoring. The package equips clients the ability to track and measure their website’s overall speed performance. It includes the identification of errors that are otherwise hidden within site pages.

Through the diagnostic function of the Page Speed Monitoring service, possible issues with a website’s key performance index could be inferred such as server response time, image compression, HTML and CCS programming structure, script integrity, cache settings, and plugins compatibility.

Once performance thresholds are set, the Page Speed Monitoring service provides automatic alerts. This is one feature of the service that is most sought after and appreciated by clients. Once load times rise above acceptable levels, an instant alert is sent to the client via email or SMS. The sooner that a web administrator addresses the technical issues within the website, the less impact these issues will have on the bottom line.

A website is a big investment. It only makes sense to spend a little more to ensure it performs well beyond the point of investment return and throughout its service life. WebsiteSuccess.Tools’ Page Speed Monitoring service is all about sound business practices. These include keeping your online money-making machine tuned up-to-spec, maintaining high search ranking, attracting the most amount of visitor traffic as possible, improving conversion rates, raising revenue, and at the end of the day, making a healthy profit.

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