Ecommerce Startup Dinavi Team Led By Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales Achieves Amazing Success

December 18 16:15 2020

Ramon Adrian Navia Rosales, the enterprising entrepreneur known for his innovative ideas and unique approach to business, has surprised everyone with his amazing success in the challenging world of ecommerce business. Ramon and his team have discovered the winning formula for achieving success and have invoiced millions of dollars since August 2019.

“My partner Domenico di Campo and I call ourselves the Dinavi team, and we are proud to announce that we have invoiced $5.5 million in ecommerce sales since August 2019,” says Ramon about his runaway success. “We tried various ways of advertising and watched several YouTube videos for information and knowledge about ecommerce since January 2019. We found our first winning product in August 2019, after which we researched extensively and scaled our product for about four months until we managed to reach our first million in sales in December 2019.”

Ramon’s success is intriguing, as he has been around in the industry for a relatively shorter period. He is a trained pilot who left a promising career in the airline industry to become an ecommerce entrepreneur after discussing several business ideas with his friends.

Ramon was convinced that the ecommerce business offered a world full of amazing and exciting opportunities. He and his friends decided to study the industry and its processes in great detail. They took many online courses on the subject and also gathered facts and figures watching ecommerce related videos on YouTube. They met with little success initially and even lost money initially.

According to Ramon, their unwavering focus, endless hours of hard work, and relentless efforts paid off soon, and they found a winning product in August 2019. It was a camping and outdoor product that they launched with little knowledge about ecommerce. However, by sheer grit, they managed to sell a whopping 1.2 million pieces of a single product in just four months. The Dinavi team was able to reach their first million-dollar sale in December 2019, four months from the time they made their first online sale.

“Our first product was quite profitable but the most important thing it gave us was the experience and that helped us scale up our business quickly,” says Ramon. “We currently have one private brand that has been billing close to $2.5 million within three months of work.”

Ramon has a very clear vision of his ecommerce business goals. He wants to have a brand of his own that can achieve a stable turnover of three million dollars a month. He aims to be a trailblazer in the world of ecommerce and wants to notch up a few performance records. He also has plans for creating a huge office where there will be many people working for the Dinavi team.

The Dinavi team believes in taking a different approach to the ecommerce business and has a different vision. They want to go beyond mere sales and want to achieve something more important and that it is the stability that these products. The company believes it can sell anything online with some creative advertising and some exciting offers.

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