Clear Ice with ClearlyFrozen Ice Trays For Pure, Odorless Ice For Homes And Restaurants

December 18 19:18 2020
Clear Ice with ClearlyFrozen Ice Trays For Pure, Odorless Ice For Homes And Restaurants
ClearlyFrozen ice trays deliver clear ice so transparent that it is virtually impossible to detect in a glass of drinks. The ice trays utilize directional freezing technology and cost a fraction of other clear ice alternatives used by restaurants and homes.

According to announcements released by ClearlyFrozen and Jim Blakey, clear ice produced by the high capacity ClearlyFrozen ice trays are the most economical clear ice producing option in the market. It makes ten 2-inch crystal clear ice cubes with untreated tap water and a regular freezer found in homes.

Other ice trays for clear ice in the market may yield two to four ice cubes, occupy more space in the freezer, and cost much more. The ClearlyFrozen ice tray is a must-have for homes, bars, and restaurants that want a value-for-money solution offering consistent tasting clear ice cubes. These trays are an excellent gift for all occasions.

Clear ice is an expensive ingredient in bars, and bar owners who have switched to ClearlyFrozen clear ice trays have achieved impressive savings. The company has supplied its trays to bars and restaurants all along the West Coast and hospitality businesses in Europe.

These ice trays deliver tasteless, odorless, and impurity-free ice cubes that do not interfere with a drink’s taste. These ice trays are a much better option than purchasing clear ice blocks from outside and then having to saw them off or buying clear ice cubes, with little assurance of the quality and hygiene practices that the vendors implement.

Customers can avail of impressive discounts based on order sizes. Be it a bar at home or in a fancy restaurant, the cost savings with these ice trays appeal to all users.

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Jim Blakey of ClearlyFrozen said, “In a regular ice cube tray, the ice freezes from all sides toward the center of the cube, trapping a cloud of dissolved air and other impurities in the center. The ClearlyFrozen ice cube tray, however, works just like a lake in the wintertime, by freezing from the top down. The “directional freezing” process pushes the cloud to the bottom of the cube and through the hole at the bottom of the tray, leaving you with ice as crystal-clear as your glass.”

Sharing tips for getting the most out of the ClearlyFrozen ice trays, Blakey said, “Before you place ClearlyFrozen ice in a drink, leave it out at room temperature for a few minutes to help prevent cracking in your glass. For most apparent results, remove the ClearlyFrozen assembly from the freezer before the ice has frozen to the bottom of the blue tray, and there is still unfrozen water below. The ice might be a bit uneven on the bottom but clear as glass. It might take a couple of tries to find out how fast your freezer freezes the ice.

You can let the water freeze further down and get cubes with tiny clear bubbles at the bottom for a different visual effect, like a splash of frozen club soda. Storing your cubes in a brown paper bag will help keep them from sticking to each other. If freezing more than one tray at a time, side to side is fine, but don’t stack them – that interferes with the “directional freezing” in the lower trays.”

About the Company:

ClearlyFrozen manufactures ice trays that deliver clear ice at home using tap water and a regular freezer. These trays occupy little space and are the cheapest alternative per unit ice cube in the market. ClearlyFrozen ice trays are used in homes and restaurants across America and Europe.

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