DK Moneyy has become a YouTube and TikTok sensation after producing enjoyable content on both the platforms

December 18 23:21 2020
DK Moneyy has established himself as an entertaining artist on YouTube and TikTok and has gathered around 1 million followers who have become fans of his videos!

USA – DK Moneyy is a rising TikTok and YouTube celebrity who has gained a lot of reputation for producing hilarious videos on the above-mentioned platforms. The new star of these social media sites has captured the attention of millions of users of these apps who find his content engaging and funny. DK Moneyy is humbled by all the love he is receiving from his audience and is glad to share with all his fans that his fanbase has grown to 1 million in 5 months on TikTok and over 100k on YouTube.

Before tasting success in the arena of videography and content creation, DK Moneyy was pursuing a career as a footballer. He was raised in NYC, where he had spent a considerable time of his childhood playing football. DK was such a good athlete that he had been receiving D1 offers for football, however, his dream of becoming a footballer was barred by surgery. He was diagnosed with a hernia that eventually forced him to leave football. DK Moneyy then decided to try his luck with the growing potential of video streaming platforms such as YouTube and TikTok by creating and uploading creative videos. While talking about his transition from sports to arts, he said: “What got me started was all of my friends would always tell me that I was a funny person and they suggested that I start a TikTok and a YouTube channel. After 5 months of hard work, I got to 1 million followers on TikTok and also over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and got verified on both the platforms”.

DK Moneyy is passionate about making people laugh and statistics from his social media channels suggest that he has been successful in converting his passion into a reality. He regularly uploads videos on both mediums and receives wide appreciation from his fanbase. One of his most viral videos is from the collection of his laser shock pranks, which has received over 10 million views alone.

DK Moneyy is all set to pursue his talent for making comedy videos and intends to become a professional filmmaker in the future. He has learned a lot of things in his 5-months fruitful career as an artist. His advice to beginner artists is to remain consistent and dedicated to their craft and ignore the naysayers. He believes that staying consistent is one of the most significant traits an artist can adapt to achieve his/her goals.

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DK Moneyy is a growing celebrity who has achieved over 1 Million followers and around 100k subscribers on YouTube and TikTok respectively. He has gained a lot of reputation for creating funny videos and plans to become a professional filmmaker in the future.

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