Alison Proffit & Amanda Mundo Create Soulful Entrepreneur Summit to Inspire and Elevate Small Business

December 21 09:36 2020

Denver, CO, USA – December 21, 2020 – Business colleagues, Alison Proffit and Amanda Mundo are launching a brand new opportunity for businesses to elevate in 2021. After a year of pivot and hustle, The Soulful Entrepreneur Summit will provide small business leaders, an event filled with connection, integrity, and innovation. The summit will take place virtually over five days from January 25-29, 2021. The virtual event brings together other successful entrepreneurs who have discovered approaches to business that allow a sense of ease, grace, and flow to create the prosperity that was ultimately meant for them all along.

After making it through 2020 and continuing with the courage to serve the world through their purpose, entrepreneurs are ready to continue to thrive and make the impact in the world that they are meant to.

Attendees will leave the summit with new strategies, tools, tips, and connections to elevate to a higher level of success by replacing hustle with more ease and flow. The event will feature four themes:

Mindset: Soulful Success starts within.

Money & Time: Money and time are energy, and feeling aligned with this area is essential. Topics like pricing, money mindset, sales, and resource management’s tactical aspects are part of Soulful Success.

Messaging: Attendees will learn how to uncover their purpose and how they are sharing it. Covered topics will include branding, marketing, PR/Media, and more as the tools that allow entrepreneurs to call in their audience.

Community Building: This is all about building and engaging one’s community. The Soulful Entrepreneur Summit Leaders know that soulful entrepreneurs want to impact the world, but it goes beyond making money. It’s about building a tribe, delivering value, showing up and supporting each other.

“By coming into the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit community, they trust that they will learn ways to apply the leadership within themselves to scale to a higher level of success while maintaining a sense of peace and tranquility in all the areas of their lives,” said Soulful Entrepreneur Summit Founder Alison Proffit. “We believe that business success happens when we are aligned with how to do it soulfully while staying true to our purpose.”

The Soulful Entrepreneur Summit will take place virtually over five days from January 25-29, 2021. The event offers a free limited access pass, but those who register for this option should note that they will only be able to attend the Live morning sessions and Keynote presentations. To access all sessions, recordings and networking events, the All-Access Pass is a highly recommended option.

For more information or to register for the Soulful Entrepreneur Summit, visit them online at

The epitome of soulful entrepreneurship, this summit emerged from a business relationship that evolved quickly into a friendship. Alison & Amanda started out as client/vendor but the ENERGY & ALIGNMENT of their visions was hard to ignore. Less than 6 months after working together, a deep friendship blossomed into a joint venture to bring this event to you.

About Alison Proffit

Alison Proffit is a Soulful Sales and Profitability Success Coach. After 15 years in the corporate world, she left to help small businesses learn how to approach their sales, pricing, and marketing strategies from the heart instead of just the head. Alison now works with high-achieving mission-driven entrepreneurs in accomplishing their vision by embracing the sales aspect of their business as a place where they can feel authentic, confident and connection oriented. The idea for this summit was born out of Alison’s heart and soul.

To learn more about Alison or Proffit Coach, visit their website at

About Amanda Mundo

Amanda Mundo is a Social Media Content & Systems Strategist. After more than 15 years in the corporate world, she left to start her own business as a way to create a life that would allow her to be a more present mom to her 4 children. Amanda now helps entrepreneurs feel more excited about managing the social media and operations aspect of their business. She brings joy to everyone she meets.

The mission for Social Hero Brands has pivoted from creating social media content for clients to actually guiding them on how to create the vision and strategy so that they feel clear and confident about how to create their content strategy. She then equips them with the systems and actions needed to implement the plan of action. Social media consistency and engagement without the stress associated with it creates a solid foundation for a businesses success and growth.

To learn more about Amanda or Social Hero Brands, visit their website at

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