Brandon Hensinger Encourages Entrepreneurs to Be Adventurers

December 21 10:21 2020
Brandon Hensinger Encourages Entrepreneurs to Be Adventurers

Life is a constant journey of choosing options, directions, and even risks. For entrepreneurs, this is an everyday dilemma that they have to face head-on. In any decision that they would take, they would reconsider if the choice can contribute to the company’s productivity and efficiency or not. With these decisions on hand, risks would appear, which any business person would weigh before proceeding. And for the published serial entrepreneur Brandon Hensinger, these risks should be considered a positive challenge and an adventure that business-minded people should adapt to.

Brandon Hensinger is a quad-lingual and a well-established serial entrepreneur. He has been at the forefront of many innovative and life-changing technologies in the reproductive health and genetic industry for about two decades. Brandon Hensinger has recently founded Avrio Genetics, where his team is pioneering fertility testing solutions in over 20 countries. Also, Brandon handles the pandemic division of Avrio Genetics, Bio Testing Supplies, and Bio Testing Labs, where his team has launched multiple COVID-19 and viral testing products designed to help return the world to normal.

“Life and business should be an adventure, and happiness and success come from not following a predefined path,” says Brandon. Brandon Hensinger has this appetite for adventure, which he perceives as something pivotal for any business-minded alike to follow. Because of the principles that Brandon has clang with, Brandon Hensinger built multiple international companies while also traveling the world to speak at events and develop and coach other entrepreneurial leaders. He sees life and business as an adventure never meant to be faced with complacency but with eagerness, commitment to the goals, openness to changes, and belief that experiences are the best tools for teaching entrepreneurs. 

Brandon Hensinger believes that people should not cower through a David and Goliath model but always take on the larger competitors. As someone who has majored in outdoor leadership, Brandon Hensinger has decided to reach out and share his knowledge and skills through his numerous e-books, which are available for free on his website. Further, he is about to launch a new book for entrepreneurs to become adventurers in the ‘Stand on The Summit: Reaching the Peak in Life and Business, Through the Lens of a Lifetime Climber and Entrepreneur.’ 

With these, it is vivid that more than following footsteps, young entrepreneurs should apply Brandon Hensinger’s insights and should make their path and take their risks toward their much-awaited success. He reminds young entrepreneurs to take the road less traveled as it may offer bigger and broader opportunities in the industry. 

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