Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Provides Local Rhinoplasty Procedure To Reshape Facial Symmetry

December 21 09:04 2020
Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery Provides Local Rhinoplasty Procedure To Reshape Facial Symmetry

Dr. Sheffield, a lifetime member The American Board of Plastic Surgery® (ABPS®), is the preeminent facial plastic surgeon Santa Barbars and he and his staff offer a unique perspective to patients in a comfortable professional environment.
Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, head of Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery, provides local rhinoplasty procedure for patients in Santa Barbara. The plastic surgery center is taking appointments under CDC guidelines including social distancing.

Rhinoplasty or ‘nose surgery’ is the most common cosmetic surgery performed by plastic surgeons. With the advent of innovative techniques, nowadays the surgeons can perform the rhinoplasty technique with local anesthesia too. In this, the fluid is injected to perform the surgery on the area of the nose. The local anesthesia procedure can be carried out on the nose tip or for refining the nasal region. However, a few rhinoplasty Santa Barbara procedures involve general anesthesia if congenital disabilities, injury, crooked nose, nose width, tip symmetry, large nasal tip, nose bump, or problem with the nose length.

According to Dr. Sheffield, head of Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery, “We take concrete steps to provide an aesthetic appeal and contour the facial symmetry in harmony with the rhinoplasty. We use the local anesthesia technique, especially for the nose tip and minor, aesthetic touch. The general anesthesia or surgical procedure is done in adverse circumstances where a patient cannot breathe or has incurred some injury. We also provide non-surgical options like Radiesse, which is the injectable filler commonly with the hyaluronic acid like the Juvederm. These non-surgical options tend to smoothen the tip or the appearance of bumps, and works like the nose augmentation.”

Dr. Sheffield is a board-certified plastic surgeon surgeon that has years of experience in this technique. He provides proper consultation before going with the patient’s surgery. The customized treatment is given to the individual patient for individual conditions.

“We know that your face is precious, so we make sure to provide considerable aesthetics and symmetry to your face. Our focus is to provide alterations to your appearance and give an enhancement to your looks. At SB Aesthetics, we do not provide operational looks but natural looks that will give our patients confidence and self-esteem. The necessary surgical procedures can be discussed with our team to get the best of local rhinoplasty procedures,” he further added.

Dr. Robert W. Sheffield supports the minimally invasive technique for rhinoplasty as it is safe, cost-effective, and provides quick recovery. The patient can get back to their home on the same day and, after some rest, can join their work too.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield, MD Plastic Surgery                        

Dr. Sheffield is a third-generation physician who is among the top Santa Barbara plastic surgeons and a pioneer who focuses on tumescent and local anesthesia-based treatment for rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, liposuction, brow lift, facelift, short scar facelift, etc. He follows the non-surgical approach for facial rejuvenation.

About Dr. Robert W. Sheffield

Dr. Sheffield is a third-generation board-certified plastic surgeon from Santa Barbara who provides minimally invasive treatments. He focuses on non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques. Dr. Sheffield has completed his medical school at the University of Tennessee, surgical internship from Los Angeles, and residency training from the University of Florida. He is the founder member of the ‘Annual Rhinoplasty Symposium’, and the life member of the ‘American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’, and the ‘American Society of Plastic Surgeons’.

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