Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Brings Huge Opportunity and Challenge

December 21 19:04 2020

What is V2G technology? V2G means “Vehicle to Grid”, through which the user can delivery power from vehicles to grid when the gird is on-peak demanding. It makes the vehicles becoming the movable energy storage power stations, and uses can get the benefit from the peak-load shifting.

Nov.20, the “State Grid” said, until now, the State grid smart car platform already connected 1.03 million charging stations, covering the 273 cities, 29 provinces in China, serving 5.5 million electric vehicles owner, which becomes the biggest and widest smart charging network in the world.

As the data shows, there are 626 thousand public charging stations connected into this smart platform, which is 93% of the Chinese public charging stations, and 66% of public charging stations in the world. It is covering the highway fast charging stations, the city public charging stations, bus and logistic fast charging stations, community private sharing charging stations, and the seaport charging stations. It already connected 350 thousand private charging stations, which is about 43% of private charging stations.

Mr. Kan , the CEO of the State Grid EV Service Co., Ltd took the citizens’ charging need as an examples :” For the public charging network in city, we built 7027 charging stations, the charging service radius has been shorten to 1 km. So that there is no any anxiety for citizens to go outside to charge their EVs. Charging at home is most pressing charging scenarios, now our existing charging stations not only connected to State Grid smart platform, but also gradually help the citizens realize the upgrade their charging stations into smart one. We will continue to improve the charging station connection with the smart platform to solve the charging problem and anxiety.”

According to the report, the State Grid smart platform can automatically detect the charging power information of the users, detect the load changing and automatically analyze the various needs in using EVs, well-organized the EV charging period and power to match the charging needs. At present, with the smart charging, the EV owners can charge their cars at low load of the grid to reduce the charging cost. And also help adjust the power peak and the safe performance of the grid, to improve the use efficiency of charging station. At the meantime, user can deliver power to the grid at peak-load demanding, which makes the electric vehicles becoming the movable energy storage station, and get some get the benefit from the peak-load shifting.

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